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Queen Latifah is the subject of Ebony Magazine’s October cover issue.  The article which is 12 pages long focuses mainly on Latifah’s endorsement contract with CoverGirl, her new clothing line, and, the magazine’s promotion of Harley-Davidson and Honda motorcycles.  But as blogger Rod 2.0 points out, the most interesting passage is when Queen Latifah channels Jodie Foster when the always intriguing subject of her sexuality was introduced in a throwaway line:

Asked about the stories swirling on the Internet and elsewhere that claim she is romantically involved with a female fitness trainer, Latifah immediately says: "No comment on that at all. I’m done commenting on all that … It’s ridiculous, I know me and that’s all I need to know.

“And if the readers don’t know me, then that’s one part they aren’t going to get to know. Those are my people but they don’t sleep with me," she says in a very even tone that is very consistent with her relaxed mood. "It feels so invasive. It’s the one thing I don’t think people need to know about."

Unlike previous statements where Latifah claimed that she was still "looking for a good brotha", the singer-actress now says she is done commenting on one particular situation which is a private matter.

All I got to say is that you either are or you’re not.  And most of us know which category Latifah falls into.

I’m not sure why at this point in Latifah’s career she feels that she can’t be totally honest about who she is.  I mean she’s come a long ways since Cleo and “Set It Off.”

But alas, there’s more.  On the subject of how of her busy career has given her no other choice but to adopt rather can conceive…

"People make assumptions about women who adopt, and I think its wrong," she says. "Some people assume unless you are Angelina Jolie, that you are adopting because you don’t have a man and you may be gay and you want to have a kid. I think that’s not the right connotation to put to that."

Perhaps so, but what are we supposed to think when we see rapper turned actresses turned singers riding big motorcycles down Santa Monica Blvd. in the heart of West Hollywood and partying up in Michelle’s XXX, a lesbian club known for it’s celebrity lesbian clientele?  Please enlighten me.

And while I am not advocating that Latifah be outed in anyway, I am a bit perplexed as to how a woman that’s supposed to be a role model for strength can not show any of her own as it relates to her sexuality. All of these word games.  “I’m looking for a good brotha” and “It’s ridiculous, I know me and that’s all I need to know.” 

First of all, most people who are heterosexual when asked about being gay will emphatically set the record straight.  And they’ll straight up say, I’m straight.  Some men will even try to beat you down if you insinuate otherwise. And in the case of women who are straight, you know the line…“I’m strictly dickly.”  There’s no jumping around the bush and all of that madness about it being a private matter.  To be even more blunt, it’s usually not in heterosexuals nature to be so evasive about being straight.  No, that’s usually reserved for those of us in the closet or those of us that aren’t completely comfortable with talking about our gay sexuality. So that alone would make Latifah suspect in my eyes if I didn’t know any better already. 

I’m sure if I asked my 87 year-old grandmother today if she thought Latifah was gay she’s say yes.  And if I followed that up with, but would you still go and see her in a movie, she’d say yes to that too.  The reason for that is simple.  When it comes to celebrities, I don’t think people care the way they would if the person in question were a Senator, Governor, quarterback, short-stop, or point guard.  The other and perhaps most important reason that I don’t think her sexuality would be that much of an issue is that, what most gay people who think they’re pulling off straight don’t seem to realize is that people know.  They may not say anything to your face about it, but they know.  I don’t care how long the weave is, how packed the MAC is, or how high the heels are, you are who you are and it always comes through loud and clear regardless of how hard you try to hide it.  Even in interviews when the simplest answer you could ever give to the question of your sexuality is either yes I am gay, no I am straight, or I am bisexual.  End of story.  All of the shucking and jiving and elaborate drawn out answers that are strangely reminiscent of the dances done by politicians on subjects they’d rather not be speaking on, end up telling the story for you.

Click here to read Ebony’s article.

h/t: Rod, Marquita