NypdIn case you haven’t heard, in New York a man was allegedly beaten and stabbed by a group of lesbians, for what he said was a harmless “hello.”

Dwayne Buckle, a 28-year-old Jamaica Queens resident claims that he was jumped on by a group of lesbian women at Third Street and Sixth Avenue in the West Village.

The New York Times reported that, Mr. Buckle was trying to decide whether to get a drink or go home when, he said, a petite young woman in a white skirt passed by, surrounded by girlfriends. He did not know any of the young women, but he liked how the woman in white wore her hair. He also liked the woman. And so he said, “Hey, how’re you doing?” The woman gave a half-smile and kept going. But one of her friends, Mr. Buckle said, shot back a caustic remark. She made fun of his jeans, he said, and ridiculed his sneakers calling them cheap.  From there insults went back and forth until Buckle claims he was slapped on the cheek and was spat in the face on. 

That is when, Mr. Buckle said, the entire group attacked him, raking their nails across his face and hitting him in the back. Other people joined in, he said, including some men. Mr. Buckle is 5-foot-10 and weighs 175 pounds, but said he struggled mightily to breathe and protect his face from more than a dozen flying fists.

The fight broke up, but not before Mr. Buckle felt a nick in his abdomen.

“I didn’t even know I got stabbed until the very end,” Mr. Buckle said. “I looked down. I saw my shirt was full of blood.”

The group of young women fled, but the police, responding to a 911 call, caught up with them moments later two blocks away at the corner of West Fourth Street and Jones Street. One of the women, Patreese Johnson, 19, was found with a bloodied serrated knife. The women, from Newark and East Orange, N.J., were arrested and were charged last night with gang assault and criminal possession of a weapon, the police said. The other women were identified as Venice Brown, 18, Renata Hill, 24, Chenese Loyal, 19, Lania Daniels, 21, Khamysha Coates, 31, and Terrain Dandridge, 19.

Family members in New Jersey were shocked to learn of the trouble the women had gotten in. Dell Barron, Ms. Johnson’s mother, said her daughter attended church twice a week until recently and was generally mild mannered.

Well, I have to say that this story seems a little suspect.

I walk in Los Angeles all the time and quite frankly, men are known for saying rude, nasty and down right vulgar things to women.  Just yesterday I went to the bank and the security guard at the bank followed me outside and walked passed me and whispered “sexy momma” in my ear, like I needed to hear that from him.  And sometimes it’s not that nice.  I’ve had men pull up to me in their car, naked holding their private parts asking me if I wanted to get in, as if I looked like a prostitute or something.

And please, don’t let the brother find out you’re a lesbian.  Then it’s, “Oh baby, what a waste” or “All you need is a good man.”   No, what I need is for you to respect me as a person and not come at me like that.

So when I read this story, it makes me wonder if the whole truth is being reported, especially given the aggressive nature of some men. 

There’s always three sides to a story, yours, theirs, and the truth.  I don’t think that New York Times reported the truth.  In fact, the story seems to be a little biased in favor of the alleged victim.