Image9f34979d491641b6b56faf3861c02590Continuing in the fallout over illegal immigration, there will a press conference on Tuesday, May 23 in Washington D.C. entitled "Choose Black America: Defending Our Country, Our Rights, Our Families, Our Jobs; Press Conference on Illegal Immigration."

Joining Minutemen supporter and homeless activist Ted Hayes will be James E. Clingman, founder of the Greater Cincinnati African American Chamber of Commerce and writer of a weekly syndicated newspaper column, Blackonomics, Dr. Claud Anderson, President of PowerNomics Corporation of America, a corporation involved in major business development, primarily in inner cities across the country, Dr. Rosie Milligan owner of Milligan Books, where she has published over 100 new African-American authors in the past five years, Kevin Fobbs, public relations consultant, business executive, political advisor, writer, and national lecturer, Rev. Jesse Peterson, founder and President of the national non-profit organization BOND, the Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny, Dr. Frank Morris, Sr., educator and former Dean of the Graduate School of Public Affairs at the University of Maryland, College Park, Terry Anderson, host of the Terry Anderson Show, a syndicated weekly radio show dealing with the effect of illegal immigration on Black Americans and the United States, Bishop Frank Stewart, founder and president of the Black American Family Christian Agenda International, (BAFCA), Dr. Nathaniel Chism, founder and director of the African Holistic Healing Center and the Kemet Longevity Institute, and Angelita Herron, immigration reform activist from Los Angeles.

The purpose of the press conference is to somehow expose how mass illegal immigration has been the single greatest impediment to black advancement in this country over the past 25 years. Blacks in particular, have lost economic opportunities, seen their kids’ schools flooded with non-English speaking students, and felt the socio-economic damage of illegal immigration more acutely than any other group.

Should make for interesting sound clips, especially with Hayes and Peterson, but given who the messenger is, it is highly doubtful they will have much of an impact.  However, the Minutemen will get some great pictures with Blacks for their website to show how diverse and inclusive they are. 

More on this later…