An article in the LA Weekly entitled, "They Wanted All Blacks Out," their take on the Federal trial of Latino gang members accused of mudering Blacks out of hate opened with the following paragraph:

The three African-American men had just spent another evening at the Lodge, a popular gay bar in North Hollywood. It had become a ritual for 38-year-old Kenneth Kurry Wilson, his nephew, Dewayne Williams, 29, and their friend Frank Eubanks, ever since Williams moved into Highland Park, the predominantly Latino neighborhood just a jog north on Figueroa from downtown. Wilson, dressed in a yellow shirt, black jeans and his trademark black boots, was the designated driver. By the time the three men pulled up in front of Williams’ place in a two-story apartment building on Avenue 52, it was around 3:30 a.m. on a Sunday. By then, Williams was passed out drunk in the back seat of the car. Wilson went to park their ride, a gold ’84 Fleetwood Cadillac, while his nephew’s roommates helped Williams up the stairs and into his apartment…

I decided to blog about this particular article because so many times, I get emails from white gays accusing me of being racist and seeing the bigger picture.

Case in point.  I had recently penned an article critiquing the gay leadership’s ignorance on issues in Black America, pointing out that Black gay men also have to deal with the issue of being Black America as well as being gay and that by and far Black men are incarcerated more often than whites.  What do I get in my inbox?  Or you’re just a racist, you don’t see the big picture, blah blah blah.

Then I read this article in the LA Weekly which is technically about a group of Latino gang members that basically terrorized Blacks living in a certain neighborhood, but there’s an interesting revelation.  One of the Black men murdered, for being Black, was also a gay man.

As the story goes…

While Wilson scoured Avenue 52 for a spot, six Avenues gang members in a stolen van were winding down an evening of looking for rival gangsters who were “slipping” — or letting their guard down. The gangsters wound their way through the narrow streets of Highland Park, Cypress Park and Dogtown gang territory, crossing out other gang tags and spray-painting “Aves” and “Avenidas” along the way. That night they were on a “mission,” so they wore gloves, dark clothing and beanies. Their scanner was programmed to the Los Angeles Police Department’s Northeast Division frequency so they would know about any police cruisers patrolling the area. The gangsters were carrying a .357 revolver, a 9 mm semiautomatic and a 12-gauge shotgun.

They spotted Wilson driving the Cadillac as they made their way down Avenue 52. They watched Wilson make a U-turn and slow down to park. The driver said to his friends: “Hey, wanna kill a nigger?”

Little else was said except “Fuck it.” That’s the scene as described by Jose de la Cruz, a former Avenues gang member, who testified this month in federal court that he and two other gangsters then jumped out of the van and ran toward the Cadillac. All three men opened fire, blowing out the Cadillac’s back and side windows, and one of its tires. A single bullet entered the back of Wilson’s neck, severing his carotid artery and lodging near his throat. He died within minutes…

Ah ha.  When we least expect it race rears its ugly little head. What I try to convey to non-Black gay people is that race is still very much an issue for Black gays and lesbians.  Everything doesn’t revolve around getting married for us and no, that does not make us racist.

While what happend to Wilson is horrible and had nothing to do with his sexual orientation, but it did have to do with him being a Black man and that’s an issue many Black gay men face on a daily issue, women too.  Race is still very much an issue for us.

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