It’s just not safe for women to walk the streets of Los Angeles and now make that the San Fernando Valley.

Some time back I wrote an op-ed about why I wouldn’t be going green and giving up my car voluntarily to help clean the environment and today is a perfect example why.

I bummed a ride from the homey Gregory out to Panorama City to pick up my car. We were a bit early and so I suggested to Gregory that he drop me off at Starbucks and that I’d walk the three blocks over to the car place to get my car so he could be on his way. We had just gotten of the 405 at Roscoe. That’s when Gregory looked at me and said, “you do know where you are, right?” I said yes, Panorama City, the Valley. He said it again with an emphasis on the “right” before suggesting that I look around.

I didn’t get it at first and then it hit me. Not another Black person in site. Aww shit. That changed things dramatically for me because suddenly I didn’t feel so safe walking the three blocks from Starbucks to the car place, but I had no choice. I didn’t want to keep Gregory.

So off I go into Starbucks. Grande Skinny Vanilla Latte, no foam, 140 degrees, and I am chillin’ talking on the phone to my boy Mike while killing time.

Time is killed and now it’s time to walk.

My attire is simple. Dark blue skinny jeans, a black turtleneck, olive green boots, a small black purse, with my Blackberry in hand.

Let me tell you, it didn’t take long before I heard the first car honk. Not long after that one asshole had the nerve to do a U-turn and come back. Why did he have to do that? I went in on his ass. Mothafucka do I look like I am hooking? And if I was hooking, even I have standards. Fuck! That’s the shit right there that makes me hate men sometimes. Not to mention, a reminder of why it’s so essential to always keep bail money on hand.

Hey you! Hey girl! Hey puss puss! Puss puss? Eat shit and die you ugly mothafucka.

I was walking and talking to my grandmother on the phone and boy did she get an earful. I had to explain and apologize to her for the profanity but it couldn’t be escaped. I am not about to take shit from a bunch of horny ass losers who get excited every time a female walks by.

Men can walk anywhere and they don’t have to worry about what they have on or some women yelling obscene things at them. They don’t have to worry about strange women pulling up on the side of them and following them. They don’t have to stop and cuss out strangers for saying things they have no business saying.

Nope. Only women get treated like that.

I felt so degraded. I felt so embarrassed. And then I got mad. Really mad because women should be able to walk the streets anywhere and not have to get harassed by horny ass losers. If I’d been walking with Gregory they wouldn’t have done that. If I’d been well into my senior years, no man would have been checking for me. But I wasn’t and I am not and for that I suffered the consequences.

The men carry out these acts against women nine times out of ten are Black and Latino. It’s true. And I am willing to bet most of them are married or involved. Hell–they probably attend church or Mass on Sunday. My assailants today were Latino, I did say I was in Panorama City.  But to be fair, I’ve had my fair share of harassment from both Black and brown brothas because as we all know when it comes to getting ass on the streets, the only color that matters is green. Black or brown makes no difference to me, they’re all perverts who can kiss my ass, eat shit, and die.

Some people say it’s mandatory to drive in L.A. because they city is so spread out, others because there’s no decent public transportation. Fuck that. For some women, depending on where you live it’s a necessity if you want to escape a daily ritual of being sexually harassed by strange perverted men on your to and from wherever you have to go.

Just once, I wish women would ban together for a week and give men a taste of their own medicine.  And I mean really go in on them and let them know what it feels like to verbally sexually harassed by everyone they pass.

Maybe then they’d think twice.

And that concludes my rant for the day.