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Just when I thought L.A. couldn’t sink any lower with the overload of billboards we out due ourselves with this.

You know how Los Angeles County has been on this kick about healthy eating and healthy living, especially in the underserved communities—translation—among Black and brown families. Well, I am bit perplexed about whether or not we’re sending mixed messages. I say that because, on Vermont and Slauson Avenues there is a bus stop and at said bus stop, there is a sign—I am assuming for the people who ride the bus to alert them that there is an El Pollo Loco restaurant in the vicinity. I mean really—has it come to this? As if somehow, the oversized signs identifying the locations of fast food joints are not enough–we’ve sunk to this level of advertising?

Now I realize in the scheme of things El Pollo Loco is probably the closest you’re going to get to healthy in the fast food market here in Los Angeles—but it’s still fast food. The very thing we are supposed to be staying away from considering the fact that among Black and brown people obesity affects more than 50% of the population in L.A. County and nationwide the number is pretty much the same.

So I don’t know—which is it? Do you want me to eat healthier or not? Because I have to say that pointing out the nearest fast food joint isn’t helping the situation.