Single Ladies: What About a Rent-A-Stud Service?

Okay so I pull out of my driveway today and begin to make a u-turn when a car passes by me with a sign on it that reads “Rent-A-Husband” and a light bulb goes off in my head. I begin to think, “Yeah, I’d do that but with a twist.” What if there was a service for lesbians like me who don’t care to take out the trash on trash day, change light bulbs that go out, clean out the garage, light the furnace—you get the picture. Something to the tune of “Rent-A-Stud.” Has a nice ring to it. Each week like clock work she shows up and takes out my trash and does all of those jobs that I just can’t stand to do. I could have really used a “Rent-A-Stud” earlier this week before it rained and washed away a dead cat (that I did not kill but if I had I’d admit it) at the end of my driveway stinking shit up to high heaven that I had to keep maneuvering around in order to not have cat guts on my tires. Yeah, those kind of jobs… Any takers? Trash collection day is Monday.  I know I’m independent and all, but I’m just saying…it’s only once a week.

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The Court of Public Opinion

  • Sorry babygirl, you are a sexy woman I admit that. However most studs, such as myself only do those type of duties for the woman we are in relationships with, dating, or fu**ing.

  • Jae

    I love being in the presence of a femme and I don’t mind taking care of the duties in the house that she feels is meant for a dom/stud to do. So, I definitely wouldn’t mind working part-time for a rent-a-stud service to help all of you sexy femmes out.

  • KLT

    Sorry boo.. I’m with Maddison on this one. Those duties are only done for those special people in your life, otherwise it’s usually not appreciated.

  • Maddison and KLT…it’s a job, not something I would asking someone to do on GP, lol. Like I said, I saw, Rent-A-Husband on somebody’s car, and so I was just thinking…Hey who knows, people down on their luck and out of work might come up on a venture like this. You never know…


    Hey Jas, I’d invest in a business like that because for years straight women have made money dressing up and cleaning houses and other things for a living, why not switch it around and have a handsome (or not) stud show up, do those manly things (we all profess to doing when we meet a woman) get paid, NOT LAID, then take your earnings home and take yo girl out for a nice dinner. Where us lesbians tend to go wrong, is we have to always equate doing something for a femme into doing A FEMME. And for someone who’s been out of work and down on her luck, where do I fill out the application. By the way, got a job today, paying pretty good, but there’s nothing wrong with a few extra bucks to help speed up the process of getting myself out of the hole BUSH got us into with the economy. To my brista’s out there, let’s not be so shallow when it comes to renting out our talents, it’s your choice of what you do after you take out the trash, wash the car, etc…remember, she never mentioned making the bed was part of the services…just saying!!!!

  • Okay Jasmyne I get it. If you were willing to pay my fee, I would do handy work and clean-up for you. I’m really good at plumbing and putting things together.

  • Patience

    Honey bump cleaning and taking out the trash – I got that. I have other needs that aren’t getting fulfilled. *cue tumbleweed*

    The Pussy Recession of 2008 enters day 153…

  • storm

    Since it is always about the dollar for me, I can envision this being an excellent business opportunity. Why should the guys make all the money when there are tomibois/studs out there just as capable and able to do handy work.


    Hey storm, I jumped on it as soon as Jas put it out there. My new business venture for 2009 is Rent-A-Stud Speciality Housecleaning Service. My ultimate goal is to have enough work that I have to call on my counter studs out there to pick up the slack. I can be reached at and who knows maybe one day Jas will look outside her window and see my car going by with my plaque on the side that reads RENT-A-STUD. Anyone interested, just send me your info and your “I need it done today list” and I’ll contact you.

  • Q

    I am a daddy’s girl simply put. I am everything my father is….charming, compassionate, responsible with a gentle strength. It just so happens I also identify as a stud. I enjoy washing cars, mowing the lawn, putting up shelving not because of an unspoken gender role but because that is what I do. So if there are some independent femmes out there that just need a helping hand with minor tasks while they take care of major business…I would sign up…not for the money but because I’m a sucka for a woman who wants but doesn’t need me!!

  • i think its a great idea. I also think a nice escort service would b e an idea. And i mean accompanying a person going out some where ( decently) Say someone who wants to make it known that she is a lesbian some place? Handy Lesbian? A woman who knows how to fix things, or mow the lawn. There are some women who would prefer to have women always around them. Also, if you had a van, you could charge a ride to take women to lesbian bars or places, so there’s no excuses for not socializing and as a slogan on the side of your van you could have” Absolutely no lesbian left behind!

  • Wats funny is I am gonna start this service.
    ie…Stud Management
    for Sexy
    Professional Femmes only. Cash only of course
    email :
    a 24 hr service
    2 hr in advance reservations

    from putting out your trash to helping you with your bedding (wink)

  • Idk I’m sexy as hell , but tired of the club life . So if I can go out “to a sexy femme’s house ” and get paid . That would be the life . Lol I’m willing to put in the work 😉