Random Thoughts: What Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Reaction to Rep. Joe Wilson’s Outburst Reminded Me Of…

You have to admit, the way she turned her head was classic Linda Blair.  I’m just saying…

You compare it.

The Court of Public Opinion

  • hitaji aziz

    This is all about Obama being a Black Man to put it plain and simple………………no mater if he is right or worng ;it is about him being Black that this White man from the south has the nerve to be so disrepectful. why should we be surprised!!

  • new orleans lady

    Get a life. You need to remember that Barack HUSSEIN Obama is half White in addition to being half black. I am so tired of you Jasmyne. Move to Upper Volta or something. But then again you live in Los Angeles, the biggest cesspool on the planet. I am so glad you don’t live here.