Bohemian Rebel Naked and Exposed: Vol.1 is the self-published debut anthology by Antron-Reshaud Brown, a young Black Gay Christian Poet reflecting past experiences and the struggles of everyday life while HIV Positive.

Raised in a predominately black neighborhood in Gainesville, Florida, journaling became an escape from the underlying issues and harsh realities of his life. Ever since the age of eight years old, Brown has written short stories and participated in numerous writing contests and art shows. But it was not until his senior year in high school when he discovered just how impacting and empowering writing was. He’s managed to write his way through all of the pain and transgressions that have been faced and as a result, journaling became his ticket out of his abusive and destructive environment.

At the age of 20 Antron was diagnosed with HIV. When he found out he made a promise to do everything he could to keep others from becoming infected or affected by this vicious epidemic using his gifts and talent.

Currently Brown resides in Atlanta, Ga., as a former Department of Health Education and Prevention Program Assistant at National AIDS Education and Services for Minorities (NAESM), a member and co-director of the theatrical organization known as L.O.V.E. Coalition, co-founder of TAURINI, a theatrical organization promoting and spreading the word of social justice in the LGBT community. Brown was the recipient of the 2007 African American Outreach Initiative Poetry Contes. He is currently working on the sequel, Bohemian Rebel: The Becoming vol.2 which will be released in 2008.

You can contact Antron-Reshaud Brown at or if you want to learn more and get updates about the book and appearances, checkout his blog “la bizarre-UPCLOSE AND PERSONAL” at

You can purchase the book online @ Amazon, Outwrite Books, and Barnes and Nobles.