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If I’m all flamed up—oh my bad—if I decide to get dressed in a lot of the color red, and decide to go for a leisurely stroll on Crenshaw let’s say in the 60s—again my bad—I mean somewhere between oh say 48th Street and Florence Avenue and end up with a bullet in my head—who is to blame?


So maybe I’m just on one but for some reason I can’t evoke sympathy for a couple traveling in pirate territory, knowing the dangers and the risks to their well being, all in the name of passing out Bibles, who ends up murdered.

I’m not saying they deserved to die, but I am saying that a little common sense is all it would have taken and they’d be here today alive and well.  And yes, I know the US must condemn such a deplorable act, and every elected official from Main Street to Pennsylvania Avenue will issue a statement, I get that.  And no one wants to ask the hard questions or point out the obvious, but it must be done–in the name of avoiding this type of tragedy in the future.

After all, not everyone wants a free Bible—I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s true.

Well I guess now they’re in heaven–but remember in the future certain deaths are preventable—cancer from smoking, overdosing on cocaine, diabetes related deaths from obesity–and yes–death by Somali pirates.