Remembering Mitrice Richardson 7 Years Later

While America remembers JonBenet Ramsey 20 years later, right here we’re remembering Mitrice Richardson 7 years later. There aren’t three documentaries set to air on national television about Mitrice, but her disappearance and death are just as important as JonBenet Ramsey’s and to this day remains unsolved.

Saturday, September 17, 2016 marks the 7 year anniversary of the date that Mitrice Richardson disappeared never to be seen again alive. Mitrice, 24 went missing after being released from the Malibu/Lost Hills Station of Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and was found dead 11 months later in August 2010.

The story goes that on the evening of September 16, 2009, Richardson entered the parking lot of Geoffrey’s restaurant in Malibu. Due to what staff and patrons at the restaurant described as “bizarre” behavior and the fact that she was unable to pay her bill, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department from the Malibu/Lost Hills Station was called to assess her condition. The officers on the scene purportedly administered a field sobriety test and determined that she was not intoxicated and not under the influence of any substance. She was arrested on charges of “suspicion of not paying for the meal” and possession of less than an ounce of marijuana.

11 months later her body was found in a Malibu ravine.

As far as the Sheriff’s are concerned she either committed suicide or Yogi Bear and Boo Boo took her down there. When her body was discovered, the detectives on the case removed her body against the order of the coroner. Conveniently her death was deemed to not be a homicide and the Sheriff’s and coroner said there was no foul play and kept it pushing.

The thing is–we ain’t forgot and we ain’t gone forget.

The Court of Public Opinion

  • anonymous

    Leo Terrell I think was the family’s attorney. The case settled. The cops had even said the girl was seen in Las Vegas doing just fine! All under the watchful eye of sheriff BACA. A lot of rumors were floated–until the horrific discovery of her remains on a mountainside. Many volunteers kept going every week on foot searching for clues or anything. Malibu is a fine community. This was a cover-up. Malibu contracts for la sheriff’s to do police work. L.a. county footed the bill for this. Let this story always be told. A life lost over a damn bar tab! Let it never repeat.

  • cutty sark

    HAS the LASD admitted that Mitrice Richardson committed suicide?
    ALRIGHT. Now everything can be explained and understood in proper context.
    The mystery is solved.
    Shortly after getting taken into custody in Malibu and booked by the jailer Ms. Cummings on Sept. 17, 2009 Mitrice Richardson took her own life while locked inside Malibu/Lost Hills Sheriff Substation.
    The active cover-up operation began almost immedeately and continued for 11 months.

  • cutty sark

    now it can be understood why ms. cummings would cooperate in the coverup by offering false accounting of conversation with ms. richardson and mislead the public about her release and departure from the station.
    ms.cummings official capacity placed her in direct duty to recognize the potential for self-harm,for maintaining close supervision, for removing the means and intervening to halt the suicide effort.
    She failed.
    it was a very slow night in her jail and she failed

  • cutty sark

    now we can explain the subdued tone, the flattened affect and the lingering ambiguity heard in the telephone call that Monte Nido resident and former radio announcer bill smith placed to the sheriff station before sunrise 9/17/2009.
    mr. smith placed the call after hearing someone outside. he went over and looked out his window to see a young african american woman lying down outside.
    what did mr.smith hear?
    was it talking, coughing,sneezing, whistling, humming.yawning, laughing, sobbing?
    was it footsteps on the wooden deck, creaking of the boards, shuffling of feet, screeching as a chair was dragged, clanking of a bucket kocked over?
    Mr. smith does’t describe what he heard because whoever requested the favor of placing the call did not specify what to say except that he had heard someone outside.
    when asked for a description of the woman he replies ‘tall, very tall’
    the dispatcher doesn’t ask him to estimate her height or weight.
    smith left the window to place the call. mr.smith must be one of those few who reject the use of a cordless phone.
    when he returns to the window and looks outside – the woman is nowhere to be seen, she has left the property.
    smith suggests the sheriff should send someone out to his property even though the woman has left.
    but why?
    smith was requested a favor and he complied.
    it is the person conducting the cover up efforts who is trying to document evidence that mitrice richardson left the sheriff station alive.

  • cutty sark

    the sheriff dept. conduct in concealing and then putatively revealing the Mitrice Richardson booking video seemed bizarre and non-sensical.
    First, there was denial that there is surveillance video set up to record activity in the booking area – maybe some live viewing, but no record.
    later, it was stated there may be recording capability, but there was nothing which captured mitrice.
    later on, captain martin claimed there was surveillance video of mitrice which he had placed in his desk and forgotten about.
    lastly, mitrice richardson mother and her aunt were invited to a limited viewing of the video supervised by sheriff lee baca.
    now, it all sorts out.
    of course, sheriff baca personally hosted the viewing because lee baca was the executive producer and he was the ultimate beneficiary when the video earned its audience approval..
    the booking video was perhaps the tour de force of baca’s career.
    it took nearly 4 months to produce, edit and finalize.
    the world premiere was for the most discerning audience.
    it would need to sufficiently replicate mitrice to pass muster of her mother.
    and it worked.
    there is no other explanation for what happened.
    all of the negative public relations which results from lying and withholding the video for 4 months, then to screen it and it confirms what the sheriff had claimed about releasing mitrice?
    what would have been beneficial resulting from 4 months of lie and deny
    except that captain martin did not have video showing mitrice walking out the door of the sheriff station. she walked in. and she eventually left, but not under her own power.

  • cutty sark

    now it sorts out why the booking video shows mitrice placing a phone call when there is no record of her calling anyone from lock-up that night.
    that is not mitrice placing the call or walking out the door of the station.
    instead, it is the actress who portrays mitrice in the video production.
    obviously, a very fine job was done in casting the lead actress and directing her performance.
    also, the most professional editing programs were used under guise of trained operators to convincingly colorize, match, blend and sync line by line, pixel by pixel in post production.
    we must also credit the set designer and the wardrobe artist for faithful recreations.
    this was probably a binational production.
    although the church of scientology owns a former movie studio in hemet, ca – it would be risky to carry out the production so close to where the case was covered in the local news media.
    they would want to insulate the lead actress from discovering the similarities because she could inadvertently or intentionally begin the unraveling.
    she would need to be convinced she had been cast in a student film or an independent dramatic production.
    they would need to film on set far from coverage of mitrice richardson story.
    possibly england, germany or australia