While I was home talking on the phone I looked at my television and saw controversial ex-baseball player John Rocker and model Alicia Marie on Fox News’ O’Reilly Factor.  Marie, had on a shirt that read “Speak English.”

When I got off the phone, I went to my laptop to see what I could find out about this.

Turns out that the controversial former Atlanta Braves pitcher has launched a new “Speak English” t-shirt and bumper sticker campaign via his website.  Alicia Marie, has signed on to be one of the models for his t-shirts.

You may remember Rocker from his 1999 Sports Illustrated comments where he said that he would never play for a New York team because he didn’t want to ride a subway train "next to some queer with AIDS." He also mocked foreigners and described an unnamed Latin teammate as a "fat monkey." Rocker did issue a statement admitting he went too far, saying "I am contrite."