Okay so it’s been a minute since I’ve attended a ball so I am totally looking forward to this one.  In case you didn’t know I am an Ultra Omni.

I just hope the girls can hit the door before two a.m this time around.  Some of us have to get up in the morning if you know what I mean.  If you don’t know what a ball is, do your homework.  Let me get you started by telling you this ain’t no Dancing with the Stars and there will be no doing the tango, waltz, or rumba.

Now look, I need some of the kids to come by the house this week and work with me on my voguing.   I feel a virgin vogue coming on for this ball.  Call me.


The Legend Returns to Present “T H E  G R U D G E”
“Legend Lessons Part 1”
Tuesday, March 10, 2009
739. N. La Brea Blvd (Between Melrose and Waring)
Doors Open@ 9pm. $10 B4 11pm, $20 After. LSS@11pm.
Receive $40 upon completion of CHLA survey
No Ins and Outs, No Video Cameras



Best Dressed:
The Look, The Style, The Flare. Bring it to the runway and Defy all those who Dare. See the Legendary Arnold, Pookie, or Dion Allure for More Information

Vigin Vogue:
Never walked in pink or red

Virgin Runway:
Never walked in a hot scarf

Virgin Face:
Never Walked vs Never Won…don’t forget your mirror.


Butch Queen Face:
The skin, the teeth, and structure, in a Rock Star Hollywood effect. Light vs Dark vs Masculine 1 Trophy. See Icon Kevin Omni, Whitney, Ira, or Jacen for more Information

Drags Face:
“Eyes Don’t Lie”-Bring that Face to the floor with your eyes skillfully and tastefully done. Whether they are Exotic, Glammed or Smoky, you are the One. See Legendary Asia Galliano, Alyssa Mugler, or Mother Michelle’ Allure for More Information

Fem Queen Face:
You are a sitting beauty. Now hit the floor in the ensemble of your choice. See Legendary Stasha, Tempress, or the long list of others for more information

Vogue Perfomance

Bring us that ovah oldway performance in the glove and frame of your choice. See Legendary Sean-Milan Infinity…in Memory of Warren Omni and Alton Rodeo Infinity

New Way:
Elastic men only. Bring us a performance that must be remembered. See Legendary Billy Rodeo or the Xtravas for More Information

Female Figure Performance:
Soft with a Classy look vs Dramatics in with a Bangy look. 2 Trophies. Bring us a classic performance that will set the place on fire. See Legends Sanaya Ebony, Devine Chanel, Lovely Infinity or Amaya Richmond for more information

BQ Vogue Fem Performance:
“Synergy” Soft in White Gloves vs Dramatics in Red Gloves. Please don’t play. Get your tens with a performance that synthesizes the Duck Walk, the Cat Walk, the Arm Performance, the Spin, the Dip and an Ovah attitude that just won’t quit! Keep your shoes on. Precision and perfection is a must. 2 Trophies. See Legendary Pony Zion or Prince Milan for more information

Realness w/Twist:
Ok, stop playing..hit the floor for one of the BQ Realness Cats and get your tens, then return with a Soft N Cunt Performance like a dainty lady. No wigs or skirts.


All American:
Hit the floor with a Classic Classy look and an Ovah All American walk.See Legendary Trey Rodeo for More Information

Female Figure:
You are the supermodel, now make us know it with an Asian Effect. See Legendary Giselle Xtrava, Amaya Richmond or others for More Information

BQ European:
In an Ovah European ensemble, hit the floor without any silly tricks. Bring your favorite prop. Process of Elimination so you can’t be Stopped. No touching, bumping or tees. See Legendary Dita Miza or Keith Balenciaga for More Information

The realest of the bunch. Bring us that undoubted realness in streetwear. See Legendary Ecko Mizrahi for More Information

Classy vs Bangy. Coming home from a day of shopping at your store(s) of choice, and don’t forget to bring us your realest voice! 2 Trophies See Legendary Lovely Infinity for More Information

Fem Queen:
However you come, however you be…just make sure that there are no discrepancies. See Legendary Devine Chanel or Shai Ebony for More Information

Butch Queen:
Executive with Resume vs Everyday in Fitted vs Thug in Doo-Rag vs School boy Preppy vs Schoolboy Delinquent vs Pretty with Bling Bling. 6 Trophies SeeLegendary Duke Mizrahi, Brandon Richmond, or Nico Chanel for More Information

Sex Siren and Body

BQ Sex Siren:
The sexy face, body and masculinity are a must, tastefully and hot, doing Just Enough. See Me for More Information

BQ Body-You’ve been working out and are cut and oiled, in boxer briefs your title unspoiled. See Legendary Kage Mugler for More Information

Female Figure Sex Siren:
Your work is done, it is now complete. now sell us sex siren between the sheets. See Legendary Alisha Ebony or Mother Devine Chanel for more information

Womans Body:
Models or Luscious in a form fitted dress, make us know you are better than the rest.

Fem Queen Body:
Model or Luscious in the sexy lingerie of your choice bring us a sexy sinister lady. See Miss Ariel for More Information

Open to All-Triple Threat:
You must have Face, Body, and Realness in a Sexy Rock Star effect.


Runway, Performance, Face
3 Divas, 3 Categories, 3 Houses

With a wicked effect, You are Three Ovah divas, from Three different houses, serving Three different categories. No need for a production, just bring your music. Be in the back of the runway together and hit the runway one at a time to set the function on Fire. Each person must be in a wicked effect, be from a different house and receive tens for their category. In the battle zone, each person will have to battle the other team’s members in their category. The team that wins the most 2/3 battles takes home the Grand Prize.

For more information contact Greg Ultra Omni: acquajaye@yahoo.com or (661) 675-5755

*Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, A Positive Partnership for Prevention, will be on site conducting confidential surveys. You will receive $40 to complete the survey.
*Proceeds from the Ball will benefit the development of “The Gates”-a new non-profit organization that will focus on the education, empowerment and transition needs for at-risk youth in urban areas