So I’m at the store and this lady comes up to me and asks me to sign a petition to save the plastic bag and as she prepares to go into her spiel I cut her off and said I already save my plastic bags.

I must have been feeling talkative because I explained to her that I had a whole drawer in my kitchen dedicated to nothing but saving plastic bags.  I told her about my special variety of plastic bags–the large ones and the small black ones. I told her that in my house plastics bags are automatically recycled into trashcan liners for my bathroom and office trash baskets and occasionally as a lunch bag if I take my lunch with me to work.  I then went on to reassure her that the five bags I had in my cart holding groceries were going on to bigger and better things after they were emptied.

Something tells me that’s not what she was trying to hear as she backed away slowly from me and started looking for the next unsuspecting sucka.

Long live the plastic bag!