Less than a month after the second season finale of “Noah’s Arc” on MTV’s Logo and there’s still no word about whether or not the show will return for a third run.

The first and only Black gay television series, “Noah’s Arc” is has been and continues to be a crowd favorite, and quite frankly, for many of us are the only reason we watch Logo.

To add to that, there are nasty rumors permeating over the Internet that Logo has decided to can the show for a new lesbian show currently in production.

Say it isn’t so.

Send a note to Logo urging them to bring back "Noah’s Arc" for a third season. 

Five simple words should get the job done: I WANT MY NOAH’S ARC.

I’ll keep you updated on the future of our favorite show and if you’re in Los Angeles, members from the cast of Noah’s Arc will be dropping by the Gentlemen’s Gentlemen Halloween Party.  The annual party raises funds for Black lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender youth scholarships. 


My friend Patrik-Ian Polk, the creator of "Noah’s Arc," asked me to tell you that it’s not an either/or situation for "Noah’s Arc" and the new lesbian show "The Rules."  He said that the emails circulating over the Internet are just speculation and that there’s a good chance the show will return for a third season.

Patrik is encouraging all of the "Noah’s Arc" fans to buy the DVDs and download the shows on iTunes.  Kwanzaa and Christmas are coming and the next best thing to having Wade under your tree Christmas morning is the DVD box set.  Patrik is also urging all fans to contact the network and show their support.  Five simple words…I WANT MY NOAH’S ARC!!!