The Seattle lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community has come together to protest the scheduled the Wednesday, September 27th performance of homophobic reggae artist Buju Banton.

Scheduled to perform at Neumos, which is located in Seattle gay community, the LGBT community has initiated a letter writing and email campaign to the clubs management as well as Seattle’s elected officials.

Buju Banton’s Too Bad Tour was recently nixed from performing at the Hollywood, CA Highlands Club.

Banton’s management released a statement earlier this year stating that he was no longer performing his song “Boom Bye Bye,” but recent concert footage from Miami of him leading a sing along, suggests otherwise.

I’m glad to see that from city to city, our community is speaking up and acting out in protest of artists that use their freedom of expression to call for the murder of others.

Way to go Seattle!

Continue reading to find out how you can send a letter supporting Seattle’s efforts.

Contacting Neumos Club
Phone: (206) 709-9467
Fax: (206) 709.9527

Contacting Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels
Phone: (206) 684-4000

Contact the Seattle City Council
Jan Drago                     
Phone: (206) 684-8801

Jim Compton
Phone: (206) 684-8802

Richard Conlin
Phone: (206) 684-8805

David J. Della                                  
Phone: (206) 684-8806

Jean Godden                                 
Phone: (206) 684-8807

Nick Licata                                       
Phone: (206) 684-8803

Richard J. McIver                      
Phone: (206) 684-8800

Tom Rasmussen                      
Phone: (206) 684-8808

Peter Steinbrueck                
Phone: (206) 684-8804

Contacting Rep. Ed Murray
Phone: (206) 720-3074
Fax: (206) 720-3097

Contacting Seattle Commission on Sexual Minorities
Phone: (206) 684-4500 
Fax: (206) 684-0332