California Democratic Senator Rod Wright needs a press secretary or needs to fire the one he has.  Since when do you actively encourage your Member being made an ass of by shock jocks on one of the most listened to radio shows in the market?

Senator Wright appeared on the infamous John and Ken Show today during their 5 p.m. Tax Revolt 2009 hour to defend his recent statements around the early release of prisoners.

One question, one word. Why?

Anyone who listens to John and Ken with any sort of consistency already knows their position on the possible early release of inmates from California prisons–don’t do it.

And while I don’t agree with their position, I wouldn’t waste my time trying to persuade them otherwise because it’s a losing cause.

John and Ken’s audience is not Senator Wright’s constituency. Very few of them live in Compton, Watts, and South Los Angeles. Even fewer of them are Black and Democrats. And if I might go out on a limb, I highly doubt that John and Ken’s audience gives a damn about Black females prostitutes who use drugs forced to sell their body because their welfare check was cut.  Chances are, they voted to cut welfare and are more likely to hire a Black female prostitute than to feel sympathy for her.  Real talk.

Essentially, Senator Wright allowed John and Ken to make an ass out of him about an hour to the delight of about a million listeners and came this close to getting my Negro Please Award.  When one Black politician makes an ass of themselves, it embarrasses all of us.

I am not sure if he just wanted to be on the radio or if he actually thought he had a chance against John and Ken, but I was embarrassed for him and I was listening from the comfort of my office.

Next time Senator Wright, just give me a call and let me spare you the embarrassment. I would have told you (for free) that you’d have been better off writing an op-ed for the local Black newspaper and calling it a day.

I know radio time for Black elected officials isn’t easy to come by these days until less it’s bought time, but all pr isn’t good pr, some of it is just downright embarrassing and depressing.

Senator Wright, call me because if you appear on John and Ken again and let them make a fool of you, I am going to have no choice but to award you the Negro Please Award.

And no worries, it’s all good, but please, don’t do it again.  It really wasn’t your finest moment and I know you can do better.