Sheriff Lee Baca Maintains in Report Sheriff’s Did Nothing Wrong in Releasing Mitrice Richardson

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Los Angeles’ head Sheriff Lee Baca in a report to the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors contends that the Malibu-Lost Hills Sheriff’s station did nothing wrong in releasing Mitrice Richardson in the middle of nowhere, shortly after midnight on September 17 with no money, transportation, or a cell phone.

The report comes after the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisor’s requested the sheriff’s written policy regarding its procedures for releasing people from custody who may pose a risk to themselves, including procedures for releasing people after normal business hours who are alone or without a visible means of transportation, or who may have disabilities or impairments and may pose a risk to themselves.

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Micahel Richardson, Mitrice’s Father Responds

The sheriff’s department is wrong. First they let my daughter go in the middle of the night without transportation, a cell phone, or any money. Then after repeated attempts for weeks to get the videotape showing my daughter entering and or exiting the station, they tell a little community newspaper in Malibu last week that they don’t have any tapes of my daughter–never once notifying the family of this and instead allowing us to read about in the media. And now this–a report completely exhonerating them of doing anything wrong in the handling of my daughter. This is ridiculous and my daughter is still missing and really it’s the sheriff’s who were the last verified people to see her.

If I follow the sheriff’s departments own logic, it’s clear they acted inapproproiately. The initial call regarding my daughter from Geoffrey’s to the sheriff’s was that she was “acting crazy.” Crazy. Crazy as in mental problems, as in you don’t release her on her own in the middle of the night without money, her cell phone, or transportation. You call her parents and or hold her overnight.

If the sheriff’s handling my daughter would have used a little common sense or even put themselves in our shoes as parents and thought twice before just letting Mitrice out into the middle of the night, my daughter would not be missing. But because they didn’t, she is and they refuse to accept responsibility or even act as though they played a role in her disappearance or that they even care. We are tired to being lied to and misled by the sherrif’s department. I believe that someone at the Malibu-Lost Hills sheriff’s department had something to do with my daughter’s disappearance and this report only confirms it for me.

The Court of Public Opinion

  • Frankie G

    I have to agree with Mitrice’s dad 100 %. The Sheriffs Department needs to take responsibility for what has happened in this case. Would they of let their own daughter out at 1:30 AM in the middle of nowhere? I do not think so. The parents should of been called and she should of been held until she was picked up. There is something ver fishy about what happened, and it looks as though the Sheriffs Department is trying to cover many things up. They were the last to see here, so at this point it looks like they are involved in her disappearance. What happens in the dark will come to light – Hang in there MIchael – GOD BLESS!!!

  • Ghost of Sherm Block

    Is anyone in agreement that we have a big problem here in Los Angeles County?

    Because this coming tuesday June 8, the voters of Los Angeles County will re-elect
    Sheriff Leroy D. Baca for another 4 year term.

    Sheriff Baca submitted a letter dated November 6, 2009 to the Los Angeles
    County Board of Supervisors in reply to a formal request for clarifications
    of events and policy regarding the arrest and release of Mitrice Richardson
    by Malibu/Lost Hills substation the evening of September 16, 2009.

    Sheriff Baca has submitted statements contained in this letter when evaluated
    alongside the arrest reports of Ms. Richardson must be concluded that fabrications of events exist in at least one of the documents.

    In addition, Sheriff Baca stated in his letter submitted on official department stationary and signed – that deputies performed FST’s (field sobriety tests)
    on Ms. Richardson at the arrest site.

    According to the supplemental arrest report found online and prepared by sheriff deputy Frank Brower there were 2 FST’s given by him to Ms. Richardson.

    The first test he administered was the horizontal gaze nystagmus (HGN).
    I am not an expert on the HGN test – but deputy Brower drew conclusions about the results in relation to the lighting conditions at the time.

    Unfortunately, he does not offer any measurement of said lighting conditions.

    Much more worrisome is the second test deputy Brower administered,
    taking a measurement of Ms. Richardsons pulse rate by holding her wrist.
    Deputy Brower claims to have taken 2 measurements of Ms. Richardsons
    pulse for thirty seconds. He claims to have waited ten minutes between readings.

    I can find no information about the use of pulse measurement as a component of standard FST by any law enforcement agency in the U.S.

    I can find no medical data describing any utility of the pulse measurement to determine sobriety.

    I can only assume that Sheriff Baca has already disciplined Deputy Brower
    for this action on both the count of performing the pulse test and the count
    of submitting a sobriety conclusion for the test results and inferring his expertise on the subject.

    Perhaps Deputy Brower has been offered the Sheriffs new Education Based
    Discipline (EBD).

    This program is the vanquard of Sheriff Baca’s law enforcement innovation.

    As an alternative to the old system of discipline by suspension of days without pay, the Sheriff department has in December 2009 offered the choice to instead sit through some hours of in class coursework at the LASD’s
    Deputy Leadership Institute. And continue to receive salary for the time in
    class. During suspension.
    Sounds good to me. I’ll take a gin and tonic and three suspensions.
    Its cold and rainy outside and the old knee is acting up.
    I need to sit down for a while and earn some salary. Got bills to pay.

    Fine enough, but has Sheriff Baca yet contacted the Los Angeles County District Attorneys office about initiating criminal prosecution of Deputy
    Frank Brower on two counts of battery prima facie confessed to in his supplemental arrest report?

    In addition, has Sheriff Baca formally requested an investigation of himself
    for the statements contained in the November 6 letter?

    Sheriff Baca ‘s department is huge and serves an enormous population.
    Contraversy arise every day over conduct in individual cases, rarely does
    the Sheriff himself take charge directly of the public response.

    He has done so in the case of the arrest of Ms. Richardson.

    He has offered himself as the expert regarding the circumstances and actions regarding this case;therefore, he is the one with the highest personal duty of responsibility regarding the accuracy of statements and the duty to report
    to investigators and prosecutors any potential violations of the law by the
    personnel involved.

    In his letter Sheriff Baca states that deputies arrived in response to the call from the restaurant at 8:49 pm and arrested Ms. Richardson at 9:00pm.

    That calculates to 11 minutes from responding to arresting.

    Deputy Brower reports a 30 second pulse reading, a ten minute interval, and
    another 30 second pulse reading.

    That is eleven minutes right there for the bogus FST pulse reading alone.

    The arrest reports describe many other actions occurring at the restaurant
    after arrival and prior to arrest. A conservative guess is at least 15-20 minutes
    duration needed to account for those.

    I know the Sheriff enjoys his job and is blessed by a healthy sense of humor,

  • Ghost of Sherm Block

    When Ms. Richardsons disappearance was first reported we received differing accounts
    about the time of her release.

    It was either at 1:36 AM or 12:36 AM.

    Here’s a guess that she was originaly released or signed out or tranquilized or whatever
    at 1:36 AM.

    A decision was made that an hour could be shaved off and blamed on a clerical transposition error.

    That was advantageous to the cover-up by reducing by one hour the amount of time needed to account for.

    It does make Baca and the boys look a little silly claiming that 20-30 minutes of events at
    Geoffrey’s played out in 11 minutes.

    A little childish embarrasment is not too much to endure in exchange for throwin off the
    albatross of accounting for the 15 – 30 minutes spent when they pulled off the highway
    in order to rape the young woman.

  • Ghost of Sherm Block

    iz you peeples still aksin’ how can dey arrests her on dem misdemeanors of not paying
    for the steak and a lil’ baggie of weed.

    Grow up already peep’s!

    This ain’t Mississippi back in ’59.

    This is L.A. County 2010.

    Which sometimes turn out to be quite similiar to Mississippi “59.

    These deputies thought Santa done come early in Malibu.

    They were gettin a toy doll to takes home.

    She aint gots nobody to bail her and nobody gon believe anything she say cause she crazy.

    They was gon keep her all through the weekend or until dey got tired a her,
    but those plans got all messed up when her damn mama callin a come get her.

    cause she already gots DNA rape evidence up in her and NO WAY IN HELL we gon let
    that out our sight.

    we already was makin a entry in the evidence log so we just put it down as the drop bag a weed
    cause we cants hold her on dat and we needs to get her off our books like NOWW!

    Everything would have been all official and proper if we could have stayed with the original plan
    and booked her on a felony for the drop bag a cocaine.

    This is remedial material folks.
    Mississippee sheriff 101.
    Dint no ones goes to school ‘roun heres.

  • Ghost of Sherm Block

    Some of you may be curious to figure out why Sheriff Baca himself
    would risk his reputation to personally run the cover-up
    operation on the case of Ms. Richardson.

    Heres some possible explanations.
    If you think they sound dumb, than say so.
    Maybe you got some better ones.


    it only normal to want to sweep the dirt under the rug.
    If people see it, then they will criticize.
    They will criticize while its gettin cleaned.
    After its cleaned, they will criticize it hasn’t been cleaned enough.
    Nag, nag,nag, who wants that?


    Sheriff Baca been working long and hard on his tour de force project –
    the Deputy Leadership Institute and the Education Based Discipline program
    and the big ribbon-cutting is scheduled for December 2009.

    And he does not want anything to monkey-wrench his showcase.

    Because if they allow these nasty boys to go down, then there will be questions about
    their employee files and previous complaints and violations and how they were evaluated and

    Then questions about the sheriffs entire policy on total confidentiality and secrecy
    on deputies employment file.

    And questions and criticism and
    criticism and questions.

    No fun at all.

    WE might miss the DLI grand opening and the Hollywood Christmas Parade, too.

    Cause if any of you missed class in Mississippi sheriff 101 when we went over the
    chapter on employee discipline, reprimand, suspension and the employment file
    you need to call a classmate and ask to borrow their notes.

    You would likely need some alka-seltzer
    if you could ever look over these deputies career file –
    and you cant. Gettin’ the navy submarine codes is easier than seeing
    LASD employee files.

    But if you could take a look – just figure there would be some “not pretty” in there.

    Why do you think they got people stashed out in sleepy Malibu?

    To keep them out of trouble til they make pension.

    These boys got issues, this ain’t the first time – anyone want to bet?

    3. Maybe the Sheriff Baca himself had in the past been involved in or been given knowledge of
    a discipline issue involving one of the deputies in Malibu.

    People would want to know how he had evaluated the infraction and determined the corrective measures and monitored future behaviors.

    People might even want to ask about the Sheriff’s policy on how many disciplines before
    a deputy is referred for removal.

    I can save you the time and give the answer to that one.

    Guess how many?

    Thats right – it is a trick question.

    I can see you have been reading the textbook. You all get an A for today.

  • Something is wrong with anyleaderor group that acts in secrecy,denies civil rights, and has then a body count. Study Madame Alex, death of Sherman Block, and rise of asian gangs to number one in usa from la county after so called task force. Mandatory retirement, term limits are good.