Sheriff’s Office of ‘Dependent’ Review: Blame the Victim

Captain Tom Martin, Malibu-Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station

Sheriff Lee Baca and cohorts are continuing their cover-up in the murder of Mitrice Richardson and the role their agency played.

On the defensive after challenges and accusations were made, Baca and the Office of Dependent Review (and yes, I said Dependent Review), are now toting around a report  to the media that says that deputies acted properly in the arrest and handling of Mitrice.

They are evening now putting the blame back on the family saying that Mitrice’s mother Latice Sutton didn’t agree with Mitrice’s friends and wanted to teach her a lesson.  A classic case of blame the victim.

So let’s address this.

Let’s say that Latice Sutton did tell authorities that she didn’t approve of her daughter’s friends and wanted to teach her daughter a lesson.  What does that have to do with her daughter ending up dead in a ravine decomposing for almost a year?

The only reason the Sheriff’s Department would go on the defensive citing this information would be to place doubt in the public’s mind and to take the focus off of their mishandling of the situation.

It’s clear from the phone calls that Latice was willing to come pick up Mitrice that night but didn’t because deputies told her that she’d be staying the night at the Malibu-Lost Hills sheriff’s station.

What isn’t so clear is why Mitrice was arrested in the first place.

Los Angeles County has an issue of overcrowded jails, jails that are with filled with people who committed far more heinous crimes than defrauding an innkeeper for $89 and possessing less than an ounce of personal use weed.  Not to mention, Mitrice had no previous criminal record.  Mel Gibson among other celebrities handled by the same sheriff’s station in similar situations were booked and driven back to their car.  When Gibson acted a fool in Malibu, his car was not impounded like Mitrice’s car was.  Bet the report didn’t tell you that.

Mitrice was arrested and detained by Deputy Armando Loureiro and Deputy Frank Brower of the Malibu-Lost Hills Sheriff’s Department.

According to the arresting officer, Deputy Frank Brower, a field sobriety test was given to Mitrice that indicated she was not intoxicated.  See report.

According to the police report, the report was taken at 9:50 p.m. or 2150 hours.  But on the same report, it shows that the initial call into dispatch was at 9:55 p.m. or 2155 hours.  How can the police report be taken before the call to 911 and the dispatch of the officers to the scene?  See police report here.

The Malibu Lost Hills Sheriff’s Department claimed they released Mitrice on September 17 at 12:38 a.m.  See location of sheriff’s department via satellite.

Initial inquires about why Mitrice Richardson was let go included that the Malibu-Lost Hills jail was overcrowded, but it was later proven that it was nowhere near capacity.  Then the story changed to “we let her go because we had no reason to keep her” and in the words of the jailer, “we are not a babysitting service.”

One deputy suggested that she caught the bus.  The closest bus line is the Metro 161 servicing Agoura Hills, Malibu, Woodland Hills, and Thousands Oaks.  Unfortunately the bus stops running eastbound after 8:45 p.m. Monday through Friday, and westbound at 7:34 p.m.  Mitrice was allegedly released at 12:38 a.m.  See Metro 161 route.

So in the end, even after her mother offered to come pick up the daughter whose friends she didn’t approve of and whom she wanted to learn a lesson, Mitrice was released without her car, cell phone, or any money.

The last confirmed sighting of Mitrice Richardson is at the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department by way of the her booking photo.  Until I see a video of Mitrice walking out of the Malibu-Lost Hills Sheriff’s station, no one can tell me otherwise.

It’s interested that the Sheriff’s had no problem releasing Mitrice’s booking photo to the media, but have not to this day publicly released any video of her in the station or exiting the station.  This is a station that has numerous cameras doing video surveillance and recording 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Sitting in his car outside of the Malibu-Lost Hills station Michael Richardson was accosted by deputies who wanted to know why he was sitting in his car so long in front of the station noting that from the inside of the station on their video cameras, they could see him.  Did the report mention that interaction.

The report also claims that Mitrice refused offers to remain jailed until daybreak or until she could get a ride, and that authorities made substantial efforts to find her in the months after she vanished.

First, authorities knew that Mitrice’s mother was willing and able to come pick her up.  It was the sheriff’s who told Latice Sutton that her daughter was going to be kept overnight.  Hence the reason why she didn’t come.  Mitrice had a ride and they knew it.

Also it should be noted that it took 2 weeks for the family to receive a copy of Mitrice’s arrest report, a report that according the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department is usually available in 24 hours but now has been changed to reflect one week.  Click here to see police report Page One | Page Two | Page Three

When the family did receive the report, it was visible altered and whited out.

The report also had discrepancies.

For example, it stated that Mitrice Richardson didn’t have any tattoos.  Mitrice has two tatoos, one on her neck and one on her lower abdomen.  See police report here.

The family was told by the sheriff’s department that Mitrice made two calls while in their custody.  The family requested those phone records.  The family to date hasn’t received those phone records but managed to catch a telephone repairman entering the sheriff’s department shortly after the request was made.

November 9, 2009 the Sheriff Lee Baca issues a report to the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors stating that his deputies followed current policy and procedure in releasing Mitrice shortly after midnight.

November 11, 2009, Detective Chuck Knolls, one of the lead LAPD detectives assigned to the Mitrice Richardson disappearance calls Mr. Richardson.  Why is this significant?  It was the first time he ever called Mr. Richardson in the 8 weeks the LAPD has had the case.

For eight weeks, the family repeatedly requested for video showing Mitrice either entering or leaving the sheriff’s department.  On November 12, 2009 the sheriff’s department was quoted in the Malibu Surfside news as not having any video of Mitrice.

Capt. Tom Martin, the commander at Lost Hills, told the Malibu Surfside News on November 4, 2009:

“First, I can’t imagine how videotapes from the station, if they existed, would help find the missing person. The family asked for perimeter videotapes of the station that would show Mitrice leaving after being released from jail. We have no such tapes. We have cameras mounted at strategic points around the station which feed to monitors at the desk; however, they are live feed and don’t videotape.”

How convenient.

The sheriff’s department says that they did the Los Angeles Police Department a favor by even filing the missing persons report and that now the case is the LAPD’s and the sheriff’s department has nothing to do with it because she lives in Watts even though she disappeared from Malibu.

It was only after many complaints of racism and mistreatment of Mitrice’s disappearance the sheriff’s department conducted searches Mitrice.  However, it was too little too late and they never searched the area Mitrice’s body was ultimately found in.  Which is odd considering that the sheriff’s were area of this area at the time because of its notoriety for being an area where weed is if grown.

And this goes on and on and on until eventually last Monday Mitrice is found.

And being consistent, the sheriff’s even managed to screw that up by not informing Mitrice’s next of kin of the positive ID of his daughter.  Because they couldn’t contact Michael by phone, the coroner’s office opted to leave a voicemail for Michael Richardson, who by law, is Mitrice’s next of kin, and go ahead with the press conference.

During this press conference, Baca all but alluded to the fact that Mitrice’s body may never tell them how she died or if it was a homicide.  But in the same press conference, Steve “witless” Whitmore told the press that where Mitrice’s body was found there are identifiable foot trails that one could use to walk to the location of her body but he didn’t want to speculate on whether or not it was murder.

Now, if Sheriff Lee Baca and Office of Dependent Review claim that Mitrice’s handling and arrest was proper, they can start by explaining the numerous discrepancies found in the police report as pointed above.  They can then release the video of Mitrice leaving the sheriff’s station, that is if one exists and of one doesn’t they can publicly explain what happened to said video.  Finally, if you know you’re innocent, take the polygraph.

With accusations as serious has the ones currently lodged at the Sheriff’s Department, if I were Baca, I’d do anything I could to clear my Department’s name, even if it meant subjecting my deputies to a polygraph for the sake of good faith and good will towards the community.

After all, everything was done properly, right?

The Court of Public Opinion

  • Yes, I admit, our officers repeatedly raped and then killed Mitrice and I simply cannot live with myself now. It was a bad joke that went terribly wrong. When our officers were done, we dumped her body like trash after doing the most cruel, viciously gruesome things to her. Only 90% percent of her remains were found and we know exactly why. It is our words against yours – no court of law ever has or ever will believe you minorities anyway. Departmental polices protect us, even the most vicious amongst us when we have a thrill for death and making people suffer.

    Honestly, none of our officers cared about Mitrice and we still don’t to this day. We are aware that we’ll never be caught because under the law we have complete governmental immunity – so just simply face it. The average citizen will never entertain and/or conceivably believe we are as vicious as we are in actuality, especially those officers of ours working at stations in Calabasas or in Malibu. Although we took advantage of Mitrice’s situation, we’ve been praised for other outstanding service and have been rated highly in the community. Of course we are capable of committing such inhumane acts, i.e., murder, after all, we are only human, right?

    Besides, even if our departmental officers are charged criminally, we know we will be quickly acquitted because no reasonable person in Malibu – especially those who are white – will believe any of you minorities. Our badges mean little in reality to those of you who are not one of us, especially if you happen to be of a certain undesirable background in our eyes. Either you are with us or against us.

    We will get away with this indefinitely (Mitrice’s murder). I indefinitely guarantee you of this. I’m still holding on to this absolute certainty. No one believes you minorities anyway and our own are quick to defend us and we are no doubt very much aware of this. Mind you, look at how officer Mehserle in Oakland maimed and shot a coon in the back and he’ll likely receive nothing more than probation. I only speak on the condition of being anonymous. If there really is a God, I know we will pay for what we have done to her. Then again, many of our officers don’t really believe in God in any case.

    Don’t worry about the FBI investigation, when it occurs we’ll be ready for it. Oh, and don’t mind the fact that we planted the marijuana in her car when she was arrested. At this point we’ve concealed so much it won’t even matter. The sheriff officers make the rules around here – the FBI is nothing more than a big joke. In fact, we officers doubt any serious federal probe will occur at all. I stress that you don’t even bother seeking justice for Mitrice, it is a complete waste of your time. After all, everybody sides with law enforcement – even when we lie. So, it doesn’t matter anyway and your efforts to bring any justice for Mitrice are all futile. Look at all the nasty comments floating the Internet regarding what most people believe occurred – everybody’s on our side (and they will remain on our side). We only protect and serve our own.

  • Mr. Malibu Sheriff Officer (LOL) the reason why this is funny is because it’s so true and I have to admit that you’re kind of ballsy to even have done and said this much. Most victims would have read this and went nuts like perhaps Mitrice mother. So let me help you out in short detail. If you’re on this page, then you have seen me and probably have heard me on radio etc. What you need to know officer, your cards and fate is not in the hands of the judicial/FBI system this time. It’s in, well lets just say MINE. Oh by no means am I trying to act hard and tough and do that TV shit I’m given you real talk. What you all have done to Mitrice will have an affect on your children’s children. You see, I’ve already done things that even you must admit and say, damn! Guess what, I’m just not getting started. Now the difference with me and Mehserle is when I identify you all who was involved, it doesn’t matter if you get one day in prison – I just need to know what facility you going to and see you go to R&R. Now, enough of this shit talking I will leave you with this – someone has declared war on Mr. Richardson, and I graciously accept. Now you all come back ya hear!

  • DodgerMike

    Jasmynne. Do us all a favor and please monitor the site repeatedly. We don’t need these kind of garbage postings on here. It’s amazing how low people will stoop when they’re trying to make what they think is a “joke.”

  • Jboogie

    DodgerMike, for the most part I don’t censor people’s comments. Yes people are nasty and think people need to read just how nasty they are.

  • Pearadise

    Malibu Officer,
    First let me say this. You are a rude, wet back, stupid,son of a bitch. YES!! I said son of a bitch.. No real mother raises a son or daughter to be like this. If you did rap and kill Mitrice I ask God that he come down and give you slow death. No one like you deserves to be living on God green earth.
    Michael said he just need you to go to prison one day. No I just need you to give me your badge number, better yet give me your route number. Yea you know the number that identify your route during patrol.
    I guess you never thought someone that work for the police station was going to read this. WELL BUDDY YOUR WRONG!! You can even give me a which academy you went to. I promise you this, I want report you to your command officer. I will leave it in the hands of my fellow officers that I know that work on the side of you and me. It’s not no threat it’s a promise. You so billy bad ass and you can’t live with yourself now. So why don’t you call Michael Richardson to the streets. Fucking coward white boy..

  • Mylakusa

    I think it’s pretty sad that someone thinks the death of Mitrice is something to play with. I do not believe the posting from Malibu officer is actually from the department. No one is that stupid! This posting is nothing more than the same racist attack I find constantly regarding Obama. I do believe everything should be done to ensure Mitrice did not die in vain. I personally would have a hard time keeping my hands to myself if I knew someone hurt or killed my child. There would be no need for me to call the police. I encourage Mitrice’s parent to stay strong, stay focused, and know you will prevail in getting justice for your daughter!! There will be racists posting, ignorant postings, degrading postings because the world consists of those type of people, especially in the good “ole” melting pot we like to call “America”. They would not deter me from seeking justice if my family was harmed, don’t let them hinder you. RIP Mitrice.

  • Nicki

    Don’t forget Lee Baca himself is a scumbag, he is the one who allowed useless ass trash Paris Hilton to get out of jail early because her family paid him off.

    When a person becomes an officer of the law, they take vows to SERVE AND PROTECT. It’s really tragic that these officers break these vows and HARM the very people they swore to help. I don’t need to pass judgment though even though we all know what Baca and his band of fools did was wrong, because GOD will do just that and those police WILL spend an eternity paying for their sins.

    I still think of Mitrice every day and know that she is smiling down on us all, she is sitting at the side of God and He will not allow her passing to be in vain. Her soul is at peace, and we must continue to fight for justice in her name and honor!

  • Dazz Dillinger

    To Michael Richardson – Stay Strong, Stay Calm. You have come so far and so long with dignity and honor. The posting under Malibu P.D. is not a joke – it is a calculated tactic trying to cause you to strike out and momentarily lose focus. In football or basketball it is called “trash talk”. When you have the ball on offense and your defender is unable to contain you with game skills – he will resort to “trash talk” in a desperate attempt to slow down your “one on one” advantage over him.

    So they are very worried about you, sir. You came into this game like an underdog cassius clay vs. an overconfident sonnie liston. This match was never even supposed to go over 3 rounds.

    Now the crowd is on your side and standing up and cheering you on.

    The old champ never goes down easy. He only goes down ugly. He will throw every dirty punch and low blow in the book at you to get you off balance. The refs and the judges are all paid to miss score when you connect and give the champ one point even if his left hook only hits air.

    In order to take the belt away from him means you have to be like a buddha, a jackie robinson.

    You will take this match because your composure and conduct and righteousness will give the judges no other choice – or the people will riot.

    We need you to be strong, Mr. Richardson. Because this is so much bigger than you could ever imagine. You have been chosen, sir. I have no doubt about it. You are the father. You represent every father. You are a lion. You are lion fighting to protect your child from being snatched by the jackals.
    Many of us have forgotten how to fight and have been lulled to lower our guard by the trickery of the jackals.

    Your strength and courage are desperately needed as an example to inspire others to find their lion.

    A battle must begin and people will look to your confidence in order to find their own. We are in a very dangerous time. Very dangerous. There are good cops and bad cops in every department.

    There are no perfect cops. We must support and defend those who are trying to do the right thing.

    The voters and citizens of L.A. County dropped the ball and went out to lunch for 12 years.

    We slept while Sheriff Baca has built an empire on fear and secrecy. He offers absolute immunity and protection to bullies and thugs in exchange for their loyalty.

    No one dares challenge him – from either inside or outside the department. But his regime must fall, because it has gone too far.

    The infection is spreading. The cancer is growing. Look at the LAPD that were assigned to your daughter’s case. They don’t care what Beck says, they are Baca loyalists. Almost hard to believe, but you and i know its true.

    Las Vegas Metro PD – a subsidiary of Darth Baca’s empire. That is where they were going to find your daughters remains – but they decided to back out of that plan.

    But Las Vegas is where a young Long Beach, CA police officer committed suicide in his hotel room not long ago. No note. Just two gunshot wounds to the chest from his service weapon.
    L.V. Metro made the determination, finalled the report, cleaned up and notified Long Beach – 48 hours after the fact!

    10 weeks ago plainclothes sheriffs hanging out in a public parking lot in Studio City (LAPD turf)
    gunned down an innocent 18 year old white kid fresh from his high school graduation.

    Then they roped off the scene, bullied and intimidated the witnesses, destroyed the evidence, hosed down and made up a fairy-tale. Everyone memorized the new script, they finaled the report and when it was all finished 12 hours later – they phoned the elementary school teacher mother to contact the coroner to pick-up the body of her only child.

    So its bad. Do you want to know how bad? Sheriff Baca is the guy in charge of the entire region for the Dept. of Homeland Security.

    Do you feel safe knowing that all the classified national security data for this region is delivered exclusively to Monterey Park every morning?

    Are we in danger? The heck we are.

    That is not even the all of it.

    Sheriff Baca belongs to the inner circle of a highly secretive organization with thousands of disciples, vast real-estate holdings and access to millions of dollars in untraceable tax-exempt funding.

    So he can easily sub-out certain dirty work to them. Like painting an “afro-ho” mural and leading you all to it. Simply for the pleasure of their amusement to gather in Baca’s hidden den wearing white hoods and taking their communion from the 10% of your baby they kept for their ritual. While the full video of the search and the mural plays on the screen to their hoots and cackles.

    Say what? Don’t you remember that independent videographer who was making a documentary and helping volunteers search for your baby on skid row? Did you just think he works for free?

    Like he ain’t got bills to pay.

    That is how they done you.

    And that is what we are up against. This crew is threat number one to this entire county.

    And I hope enough people will wake up for too late.

    Yes, we will need Obama to send the Feds in. A full brigade. National guard, too. Because if they don’t rush in and lock down Monterey Park, Baca will already have half the files burned up in smoke as they come up the driveway.

    Estimate that a secret inner gang of approximately 600 sheriff will need to be captured and held in custody before they start to sort out who can stay and who to wash-out and who needs a room at Leavenworth.

    Of course Sheriff Baca is really busy right now. The private tax-exempt organization that he also belongs to has him and others working on a special secret project – Operation Easter Bunny.

    Pull out all the stops and use any trick in the book to get one of their own elected to be Governor of California. M.W.