So um–I’m just wondering…any thoughts on three-time WNBA MVP Sheryl Swoopes’ engagement to a man?

The back story for those who need to play catch up is that Swoopes had a son with and was married to her high school sweetheart before she came out as a lesbian in 2005, announcing her relationship with then-girlfriend Alisa Scott.

So now the rumor mill and name-calling has begun online.  Either she’s not gay anymore, never was to begin with, is confused, or just bisexual.

Me–I really don’t care to be honest AS LONG AS she doesn’t come out against gays.  That’s where I draw the line.  You want to go in another direction with your life–so be it.  It’s your life go on and live it, but leave the rest of the us the hell alone.  Don’t be like  Donnie McClurkin and decide all of a sudden that not only are you not gay but that overnight you’ve morphed into some sort of  anti-gay crusader for Jesus Christ in the name of the Bible, the Spirit and the Holy Ghost.  That’s when we have a problem.

And for the record, if I fall in love with a man and decide to get married to said man–you don’t ever have to worry about me thumping the Bible and joining forces with those crazy right-wing Christian fanatics.  I promise, lol.

And don’t laugh–these days the market for finding eligible Black lesbians to date is getting smaller and smaller…I’m just saying.