Since posting the number of a person that called defending Charles Knipp a.k.a. Shirley Q. Liquor who had said some pretty nasty things, I received the following email from (310) 746-8688.

My post from the weekend

Since I’ve decided that since Charles Knipp’s racist fans insist upon calling my phone and calling me a nigger, bitch, cunt, and telling me that I am going to die, that I am going to publish all of their phone numbers as they show up on my phone.

(310) 746-8688 said that I was a filthy fucken bitch before I hung up the phone on him. The phone is registered to a Susan Guerra of Pomona, California.

Message from (310) 746-8688 today…

Get it right…my name is Kris Guerra and I’m from West Hollywood, CA not Pomona! 

Please feel free to publish my phone number as I know that Shirley Q. Liquor’s fans far outnumber you silly meddling bulldaggers. 

You have taken away something very dear to me and I am devastated that because of your misinformed rants and threats of protest a comedic genius will not be allowed to perform here in my hometown. 

Are you familiar with a concept called FREEDOM OF SPEECH?  Just as it is your right to stand up and protest and holler " Racism, Sexism, Homophobia!!!"  It is  also Ms. Liquor’s right to stand up and perform whatever the hell she wants. 

As a gay man, and a gay BLACK man I am appalled that you would take such offense and speak out against something that you probably haven’t even seen!!! 

If you were to sit down and listen to Ms. Liquor’s act with an open mind and without that HUGE fucking chip on your manly shoulders I’m sure you would find it hilarious.  Listen to me, I am BLACK and I am not offended in the least by Shirley Q. Liquor.  Get a fucking sense of humor. 

Believe me, from this day forward IT’S ON BITCH!!! 

I vow to make your professional life a living hell.  Wherever you may be speaking in public, I’ll be there protesting YOU!  And I will not be alone.  We’ll see how you like it. 

I have subscribed to your newsletter on your website to provide me with the latest information on your appearances.  Again, it’s on. 

You may have won temporarily, but Shirley Q. Liquor WILL perform in L.A. 

It’s going to take a lot more than idle threats from trifling, loudmouth, misinformed lesbian "community activist" (I have to laugh out loud at that term!) such as yourself. 

Looking forward to meeting you.
Kris Anthony Guerra

Time to get a restraining order I guess…

And for the record, if you can call me and threaten me and are stupid enough to not block your number, than I have the right to post it.  It’s as simple as that.

I don’t recall ever calling Charles Knipp or the Factory Night Club and threatening their lives.  So what, we protested and we won, we live to fight another day.  All this business about killing and stalking people is taking it over the limit and goes to show who is in Charles Knipp’s audience.

You’re not a racist, but when you call me you say, "You’re gonna die you Black bitch!"

Am I the only that got that?