It’s time to check back in our favorite white gay drag queen Charles Knipps a.k.a. Shirley Q. Liquor, who is still dressing up in blackface and mocking African-American women to the delight of white gays all across America.

Well if that isn’t bad enough already, check out what RuPaul, an ardent supporter of Knipps, had to say in a radio interview.

Oh and by the way, RuPaul is Black…at least on the outside.

On the controversy surrounding Shirley Q. Liquor…

I love it.  People really need to take a chill pill and people really aren’t sophisticated enough to know that when a person is coming from a place of love as opposed to coming from a place of of hate.  Shirley Q. Liquor is so clearly coming from a place of love.”

On How Black Shirley Q. Liquor Sounds…

When you hear the detail of how she does the voice you couldn’t do that kind of detail without…

Then the radio shoes host interjects, “sucking a lot of Black cock.”

RuPaul continues…

Right, either that or studying Black so much…

On How Hateful the White Gay Men Get Towards Blacks During Shirley Q. Liquors Act…

Well but you know that’s that’s that’s really none of her business you know um.  Telling people you can’t say the n-word.  Well that makes me want to say the n-word.  In fact on one of the songs in on my soundtrack to Starbooty, the lyric is just nigga, nigga, nigga, nigga, nigga.  The only lyric in the song is nigga.

This is followed by laughter from both RuPaul and the hosts of the show.

Listen to the interview for yourself below.

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