Yes, with it being Black History Month and all, I knew this wanna be Black white gay blackface performing drag queen racist wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to stick it to Blacks via his website (Click here for pdf of site in the event he takes it down).

The  pics and captions  below come straight from the site of the same guy who says he loves Black people and was raised by them.  Like I wasn’t buying it then, I’m not buying it now.

Shirley Q. Liquor aka Charles Knipps is a racist, plain and simple.  I thought someone would have dropped a house on his ass by now.  Oh but one day, he’ll get his.  I’m sure of it.


It was a lot of concerned showed by passing motoristes the other
day when Uncle Henry (owner of the Foxy Lady Lounge) passed clean out
at the corner of 3rd and John Streeks. I was told he later woked up and
was axing people "where the party is at?"


Watusi Jenkins’  ignunt ass was featured on "The O’Reilley
Factoids" on the Fox Channel the other night, explaining of why she
support Hillary Barack O’Clifton. She was "past full" on her liquor
levels, and did not make a LICK of senses.