UPDATED: Shooting @ Gardena High School

A student dressed in dark-colored clothing brought a gun to Gardena High School today and opened fire, injuring at least three people and prompting a massive police search of the campus.

The campus was placed on lockdown after the shooting, which occurred around 10:40 a.m. at the school at 1301 W. 182nd St. Gardena police Lt. Steve Prendergast told CBS2 a teacher called 911 to report the shooting. He said the severity of the injuries was unknown. At least two victims could be seen being loaded into ambulances.

It was unclear if the victims were students.

The suspect, who was described by Prendergast as wearing black clothing, remained at large. Officers from the Los Angeles Police Department, Gardena police and Los Angeles Unified School District police were scouring the campus in search of the suspect, who may have been a 16-year-old student.

Gardena High School has at least 2,600 students.

UPDATE: The Los Angeles Times reports the student involved in that shooting at Gardena High School is holed up in a classroom at the campus. LAUSD spokesman Robert Alaniz tells CBS2 the student brought a gun to the school in a backpack, and the weapon may have discharged accidentally.

LAPD says shooter in custody.

LAUSD spokesman Robert Alaniz tells ABC7: “Our indication is that a student took a gun to school in a backpack, and that that student had dropped the backpack and consequently the gun discharged. We’re not quite sure how both the students were injured, but we do know we have two injured students transported to the hospital.”

Source: City News

The Court of Public Opinion

  • ben

    The boy’s parents should be fully responsibl­e for this one.

  • Daz Dilli


    How Many Rotten Apples Can Be Promoted to the Top of a Barrel?

    Is it possible that shooting at Gardena High is connected to

    BacaR.I.C.O.(Racketeering Influenced Criminal Organization) the current

    regime in control of the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department?

    The shooting incident at Gardena High School is unfortunate news for anyone
    who believes that our schools and our communities need and deserve to be free from fear and violence and divisiveness.

    The news of this incident may find a more welcoming reception at
    BacaR.I.C.O. The membership of BacaR.I.C.O. are quick to recognize the merry melody of one of their favorite tunes “Trouble in Gardena”.

    Let us first recognize the many fine and fair minded individuals employed at the Sheriff’s Department. They arrive at work each day dedicated to conducting themselves with honor and integrity as they endeavour to fulfill their assigned duties as public servants.

    Let us then acknowledge those not so fine individuals who have been allowed on board the sheriff’s grand cruise ship.

    Some of these individuals are striving to achieve full membership in the secret underground Klan club. They can only achieve full membership by going on safari in the jungle and taking a trophy.

    There are few places remaining in this country where this sick, sad and sadistic
    ritual is tolerated.
    Athens/Lennox substation, Century substation, Compton substation are the three top choices on the application requesting transfer to patrol of deputies itching for their opportunity to gain entry(kill) to full membership.

    Then we also remind ourselves of the those defective deputies Sheriff Baca is hiding from sight on the back shelf at the Malibu/Lost Hills substation. Sadly, these deputies weren’t wearing clearly visible warning labels which might have alerted some patrons at Geoffrey’s restaurant to intervene as Mitrice Richardson was kidnapped under the charade of a legal arrest.

    These incidents should cause alarm to anyone in L.A. County.

    If anyone feels that it does not hit close enough to cause them worry, then
    open your eyes to the situation that eventually will pose a hazard and a liability
    to every person and business in the county.

    Baca is a R.I.C.O. A mob. A mafia. A criminal organization. An organization involved in criminal practices for profit.

    Now the question:
    What all does this have to do with “Trouble in Gardena”?

    Sheriff Baca was just sworn in to a new four year term in the office of Sheriff of Los Angeles County. The membership of BacaR.I.C.O. is clearly in control, but they want to keep their bases(asses) covered just in case the capo is forced into early retirement.

    If the Sheriff is forced into early retirement, then the remainder of his term
    will be filled by appointment by the County Board of Supervisors.

    BacaR.I.C.O. want to ensure that one of their cabal will be given the appointment if Sheriff Lee Baca has to resign.

    Failing that scenario, they at least want to ensure that Baca’s replacement is someone that they can mislead and manipulate.

    The doomsday scenario, the nightmare scenario that has them all freshening their plans for escape with a stash of guns, gold and fake passports is for the
    the Board of Supervisors to appoint a replacement who knows his way around
    the backrooms and tunnels of the Sheriff’s Department.

    They fear a replacement who knows the hidden stairways and backdoors, who is already familiar with the bad apples, has a keen nose to sniff out hidden rot, and has himself remained uncorrupted and uncorruptable.

    Their worst nightmare is for the Board of Supervisors to replace Baca with
    Assistant Sheriff Paul Tanaka. Mayor of Gardena Paul Tanaka.

    So now you know the stakes. Now you know the game.

    The BacaR.I.C.O. cabal are highly motivated to get as much mud as possible tossed any where near Gardena.

    Would they be as unprincipled and uncouth as to provoke a violent feud which could spread on the streets and campuses in and around Gardena?

    You bet!

    Anything which someone can later point to when trying to cast doubt on Paul Tanaka’s leadership credentials.

    That is all they can do to compete with Tanaka. They can’t match up with him fair and square above board.

    Look at his resume. Tanaka is a prodigy. He achieves through dedication, discipline and application of superior intellectual abilities. He rises to the top by merit. Not by nepotism, cronyism and dirty favoritism – that is the career path of the BacaR.I.C.O. cabal which has ascended to almost total control of L.A.S.D.

    Bottom Line:

    1.) Any trouble that gets reported from Gardena should be analyzed carefully with special emphasis to uncovering and outing the tentacles of BacaR.I.C.O.