Cute short film (Shonda – Bad HairSay!) from filmmaker Romaine Phillips that deals with the issue of Black hair in the workplace.

This is an issue near and dear to my heart because I always have to hear from “people” about my locs being red.  I remember working in Congress in Washington D.C. and walking the halls of the Rayburn building with my hair in locs and red and folks looking at me.  Not at the white woman who clearly dyed her hair red, but at the sister with the locs who were red.  The Congresswoman that hired me, thankfully was Black and my hair was never an issue.  However, I am constantly struggling with whether to change my hair and conform to the norm for the sake of my work or to be true to myself and keep rocking my locs the way I want to.

Anyway, props to Romaine for a great short with a powerful message.  I will admit, I thought it was headed in one direction and was pleasantly surprised.