Well, that’s the question that’s floating around today as there are new reports that Isaiah Washington’s leverage for a pay raise may be undermined by the very public drama surrounding his use of the F-word.

I think one issue is a personal issue, his temper and the use of derogatory slurs in public, and the other is a professional issue, his worth as an actor on the cast of “Grey’s Anatomy.”

I think he got the message and in his own way is doing his own soul searching on his personal issues.  While it may be a little awkward on set between him and some of his colleagues, at the end of the day, he’s there to play a character and if he can do that and do it well, as he has been doing, then he deserves to be paid a fair amount for his work.

I also think that in entertainment, like any business, if there’s a way not to pay someone the full price, that option will be exploited.  In this case, it’s his F-word drama. 

But consider this.  How many Black actors can you recall that have walked off sets for not being paid equal to their white counterparts, even without any kind of drama surrounding them like with Washington?  So this should be no surprise that it’s even an issue.

In life there are consequences for everything, be it good or bad, a lesson most often learned the hard way, even by yours truly at one time or another.

I guess if he doesn’t get the raise, on the brighter side of things, he’s still a working actor.

It’s a pity that President Bush isn’t up for a pay raise with all of America as the "decider" of whether or not he deserves  it.