Debra_wilsonNew Gay Film Features Dr. Michael Eric Dyson and Examines Lesbian and Gay Relationships in Black America

JUMPIN’ THE BROOM: THE NEW COVENANT will premiere on SHOWTIME during their 15th annual Black Filmmaker Showcase on February 1st at 7:30 p.m.

Written, directed and produced by Debra Wilson (BUTCH MYSTIQUE), JUMPIN’ THE BROOM: THE NEW COVENANT highlights Black lesbian and gay couples who share personal and heartfelt stories that challenge levels of intimacy between two people. Their commitment redefines and honors love, family values, politics and religion in today’s society. The film features best selling author Dr. Michael Eric Dyson and is co-written and produced with Donna M. Rowell. The film was co-produced by Jasmyne Cannick (NOAH’S ARC) and Traci Lewis.

Debra Wilson is an award-winning filmmaker whose last film, BUTCH MYSTIQUE, opened to critical acclaim at the San Francisco International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival in 2003 and later aired on SHOWTIME. A native of California, she has worked in the film industry for 15 years in a variety of roles, including Talent Coordinator for news and entertainment where she recruited sports, weather and on-air personalities for CBS NEWS, FOX News and Disney as well as network affiliates. She also worked as casting assistant at Reuben Cannon and Associates in Los Angeles; where she worked on such projects as Mama Flora’s Family, and countless other Movies of the Week and television specials.

Founded in 1992, the Black Filmmaker Showcase has been responsible for introducing talented African-American filmmakers to the industry. Through this program, the network selects several films that have their debut on SHOWTIME. Beginning in 1995, Showtime Networks began awarding a $30,000 grant to one of the selected filmmakers. This money is used towards the production of a short film, which will later have its exclusive world premiere on SHOWTIME. Following their premiere, the showcase films will also repeat during the course of the month as individual shorts.