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I just got back from the eastside of the LBC on a mission trying to see my man Nate D-O-double G and I’m a little disappointed in what I saw when I got there.  I mean of course being sad about having to be there in the first place with the passing of such a hip hop icon, I was a taken aback by the um—let’s say the quite colorful attire chosen by many my sistas in attendance.

What is this thing with Black women, usually in their 30s and younger that dictates when attending a funeral, no matter who it is, where the skankiest clothes you can find your closet?

I walked into the church behind a young lady who couldn’t have been much older than me, wearing shorts so short, I was embarrassed for her. As she bent over to sign the guest book, I had the unfortunate luck to see the one part of her ass cheeks that weren’t already hanging out.  But she wasn’t alone.

Coming from near and as far as my eyes could see were Black women barely wearing clothes and those stripper heels.  I’m like WTF?

Did we change the protocol for dressing for a funeral?

I was brought up that you wore dark colors, preferably a dress or suit, and if it’s a dress it’s one that at least goes to your knees. You know, out of respect.  You don’t wear bright ass reds, oranges, and hot pinks.

I mean if there’s one time in their life some of these sistas could pull it together, I’d expect it to be at a funeral.  It’s a church—not a club.  Go home, take that shit off, and come back correct.  I just wanted to scream, have some respect for yourself and for other Black women.  Because what media was there outside the church snapping photos would be better off submitting them to a Larry Flynt publication and not the local newspaper.  And that’s for real.

Besides the older women, the church staff, and myself, the only other woman that I saw dressed appropriately was a Black stud who had on a suit—a very nice one at that. Thank you for representing.

But Nate Dogg’s services aren’t the exception when it comes to funeral etiquette foopahs.

Last year I took my grandma to her best friends funeral and I have to say it wasn’t much better with “the young ones” as my grandma puts it.

Mini skirts, halter-tops, and more stripper heels.

I don’t do death.  I mean for me to attend a memorial, public viewing, wake, or funeral means I really had mad love and respect for you. I know I am not the only person in their 30s who attends services and finds the attire of some of our people intolerable.  I can’t be.  Is there anything that can be done to get a message to these sistas that it’s not cute and makes us all look bad?  Not to mention the example being set for the children they are towing behind them at these services.  We don’t need another generation of Black women who don’t know how to dress for a funeral.  Do we?