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To:  Sheriff Lee Baca, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department

Since the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (LASD) cannot or will not produce a video or photo of Mitrice Richardson exiting the Malibu-Lost Hills Sheriff’s station on September 17, 2009 as they claim that she did and to publicly prove that the LASD had no involvement in her death outside of releasing her in the middle of the night without her car or other personal belongings, in the interest of integrity and as an act of goodwill towards Mitrice’s family and the community in which it serves, all LASD personnel who came into contact with Mitrice Richardson at the Malibu-Lost Hills station should agree to and take a lie detector test to be administered by a non-LASD affiliated law enforcement agency such as the FBI or Department of Justice and have the results publicly released.


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The Court of Public Opinion

  • Joleen Nordstrom

    Justice needs to be done.
    Show the video, takethe test,
    do the right thing for this family
    and give them the answers they
    have deserved all along.

  • Future Lawyer Again

    I knew the police killed her from jump. They’re versions of the story never added up. Those deputies working in that police station in Malibu during the time of her death had something to do with this. Such hate shown toward by Baca at the press conference without having notified the family first. Same thing that has been happen, the father flew to Vegas because he wasn’t informed about the press conference being held there by police. Uh oh, double down big time…THERE ARE SOME TYRANT, RACIST MURDERING POLICE OFFICERS WORKING AT THE MALIBU POLICE STATION.

    I’m sure this is not the first deliberate killing by police officers. Now comes the federal probe because these mutherfuckers (police) did this shi – it was an inside job. Who was the cop that left 2 mins after Mitrice “supposedly” left the station that night? Where the fuck was he going? Did he plan to kill her? How do you know she “actually” ever in fact left the police station that night? If she did leave, did an officer offer her a ride to safety and then take her to a secluded area and then kill her because he knew that in a concealed marijuana grove no one would hear her scream? Who knew the inactive marijuana was there and was not a place usually where no one goes, probably the police? Hmm, would anyone question why the police were there that time of the hour? Um no. Because they are police right and police NEVER would commit a heinous act against a public citizen deliberately, right? Just strikes me that whomever took her to that location where Mitrice was found knew the area was unoccupied, concealed and was familiar with the terrain. Police are familiar with the unoccupied, concealed terrain of the landscape. The suspects are definitely the police.

    Malibu police have kept the family in the dark since day one.
    Took two days to initiate a search, could it be because they knew Mitrice was already dead and was killed by one of their own so they saw it unfit to conduct a search for her?
    Why was her body never found during a search when her remains were found in such close proximity to the Lost Hills Sheriff station?
    Why is so much evidence missing, who did Mitrice call from the police station when she was there (if anyone)? Where are the call records?
    What did the police tell her at the time she left? “Hey go walk up the road 2 blks and a bus will pick you up,” but knowing that this was just a thwart to get her to leave the area to kill her? How do you really know that they police said to Mitrice what they are telling you they’ve said to her?

    TOO MANY DAYUM WHY’S…My fucking fingers are tired of typing. Any first-year law student can see the cops killed her. They released her with the intent to kill her b/c in their minds nobody would ever find out. After all, who’d suspect a cop did this? Friends of the public (cops)? No, no friends to racists raping murders up in Malibu.

    Why the fuck did the cops lie and concoct this BLATANTLY FALSE story about Mitrice being seen in Vegas? Why was the Vegas Police Department in on this? Time for a serious federal investigation. What about the other women that have come up missing in the past after being released by Malibu Sheriff officers. Were they killed by police too? Were their deaths covered up by police? Somebody knows something – time to lie detector test all those fucking cops. I know they are scared shitless!!!

    You must pay you murders (cops) who were sworn to uphold the law and now you shit on the laws of the land. I recommend the death penalty – pure police corruptive. Tyrants ruling out there.

    I’m pissed off at Baca for his statements at the press conference, totally harse, insensitive and no compassion demonstrated anywhere. He did not follow proper departmental policy in notifing the family before he held the conference. If this was a white family would the authorities have treated the family this way? I’M OUTRAGED!

    Future Lawyer

  • Charles Freeman

    Where’s the video footage of Mitrice entering, inside of AND exiting the substation? Every police station has video cameras EVERYWHERE!

    Where’s a copy of the arrest report? How did she end up TEN MILES away from the substation?

    If you ask me, she was never taken to the substation and the deputy or deputies who took her into custody at Geoffrey’s are responsible for her death and/or know what happened to her. I think they raped her and either killed her or dumped her body after something went terribly, terribly wrong.

    There’s a lot that stinks about this case and some elected official needs to call for a full DOJ investigation and do so immediately.

    I never thought I’d say this but, this is a time that calls for Najee Ali.

  • Nik

    This was not a missing case. This was a murder coverup from day one and should be treated as such. The Richardson family were kept completely in the dark about Mitrice. From the minute it was said there was no tape available the night Mitrice was allegedly at the station — who knows something could have occurred on the way there — the whole thing spoke loudly of coverup. The police are notoriously known for their dirty corruption (think back to that ridiculous verdict handed down for Oscar Grant’s killer). Anyone who thinks the police are simply there to ‘serve and protect’ are truly naive. People need go out and demand for justice for Mitrice like they did for Oscar. These travesties cannot go on anymore.


  • Heartbroken

    I agree with all of you. This is a murder cover up. Nothing adds up and if the Sherriff’s department has nothing to hide, they would be forthecoming with evidence (i.e. the video tape). I also find it interesting that you find the remains conveniently just outside of the search zone perimeter.

    I applaud the family for continuing to fight and for keeping Mitrice’s story in the media, as much as possible (even though coverage was still limited). I hope that everyone supports Mitrice’s family in getting justice for her daughter. Alot of people do not know this story, so if nothing else, we all can send blast e-mails and post on FB and do whatever we can so everyone knows this story. The Sherriff’s department will pay for this and, I for one, will do whatever I can to make sure they are brought to justice.

    ALSO, please tell everyone to boycott Geoffrey’s in Malibu. They did NOT have to press charges and they set all of this in motion.

    R.I.P. Mitrice

  • dale

    Remarkable If this was Paris Hilton, she would have not been released. This beautiful young lady lost her life, because Malibu Police Dept. claims they released her in the woods FOR REAL. Please post information on marches, services I will attend. Race card the only difference we don’t live on plantations. KKK lives in Malibu FOR REAL.

  • True Words

    Not going to be a popular post but here it goes:

    Why did she not pay her tab? Did she call her family? Where were her family when she was arrested? Where was her family to pick her up? The mother even stated that she wanted to “teach her a lesson”

    The police can not be held responsible for what happened to her after she was released. They did all the correct and standard things for their department.

    All of this information concerning her “mental health” was made public after she went missing. Did her family have a system of checking up on her if she went a period of time with calling? Or is this information used to paint a picture of a troubled girl that was not but points the finger at the police.

    There seems to be MUCH that the family did not do. There were phone calls made but the family did not come and get her. They even state that she was not from the area; also the police has been compliant with the releasing of information regarding what happened.

    Sadly someone did harm to this young woman but it was not the police department.

  • Femmestry

    @ True Words……how the hell can u say that. Where is it protocol to let someone go at MIDNIGHT… without a car or contacting relatives….this was a young woman who did not live in Malibu..while in the police custody……they were responsible for her….. You can not 100 percent sit there and say that the police dept. had zero to do with her death……unless concrete evidence shows up or u were there?? besides….the place where her remains were found was not a place a young black woman would walk in the dark…im sorry…someone put her there…..dead or alive. None of us can make factual judgements until all the facts are made known to the public………for example….the police station’s tape of her brought in……and when she walked out. Since u have facts…….tell us why they wont show those tapes.

  • Future Lawyer Again

    @ True words, since when does failure to pay an $89 restaurant bill become a death sentence?

    According to you, Mitrice deserves a death sentence because of her alleged failure to pay a $89 tab (for reasons unknown), even when her relative was contacted by phone and offered to pay the tab for her by phone, and Geoffrey’s refused to accept the family member’s offer?

    Your LACK of sensitivity, compassion and complete logical reasoning leaves me to offer you no remorse and to only wish that someone you love deeply dies a long, horrible death and when this happens, lets see if you’ll be singing the same damn tune.

    You are one of those who blindly defends the police in the face of he fucking FACTS. At the very minimum, any reasonable person can infer, at the very least foul play by Sheriff. No one can rule out foul play by the police unless you very present during the time the police killed her. Neither you (presumably) were there @ True words.

    Mitrice’s last “confirmed” sighting was in the hands of police officers in Malibu. If I was the FBI probing an investigation, or her family, I would begin questioning the officers using a lie detector because they are now “SUSPECTS.”

    Future Lawyer

    @Nik, Malibu cops “protect and serve” their OWN interests. Mitrice’s case is evidence of this.




  • Martha

    Why is True Words sticking with the cops? He/she IS a cop or a cop sympathizer.
    This is ANOTHER dastardly deed done dirt cheap!
    At the expense OF LIFE on Mitrice Richardson, PRECIOUS child of Lord God Almighty.
    THIS HORRIFIC crime STINK from beginning to this moment…
    and Truth be KNOWN to True Words,obviously YOU DO NOT grasp one iota on regard to Mental Health manifestation.
    Akin to blithering idiot…..
    MANY people BELIEVE Mental Health is a STIGMA. Believe me, the Americans with Disabilities Act is to fight such atrocity.
    I STAND WITH Mitrice Richardson . She is unduly mistreated through the Sheriff Dep’t. period; no IF’S, ANDS or BUTS;
    The Deputy(ies) did NOT process Mitrice correctly while IN or OUT of Sheriff station. HOW do I know this?
    I KNOW OF, because I once in the custody of Sheriff Dept.
    I suffer from a Mental Health disorder.
    The deputy(ies) did NOT GRASP my condition. I spent the night in jail when I should have been on a 5150 hold, psychiatric observation. The female deputy whom process me the next day, expedited my release. WHY? I told of my condition, and have no access to medication since the previous night.. The Deputy upset, said you should not been here last night. Should’ve been sent on a 5150. You see, the Sheriff dep’t. IS LIABLE ~ she know THIS, so released SWIFTLY!! ( as in …STAT)
    The Sheriff Dep’t. is CHOCK FULL o’ NUTTY excuses. Baca say they process Mitrice per standard procedure. NOT!! Mitrice not under the influence of drugs nor alcohol, so all of a sudden she is fine?!? NOT!!
    Human indignation, (NOT moral,) power tripping cops and robberesque style politics, a Black woman ,undo justice, a lovely intelligent Mitrice
    Richardson SUFFER beyond anything we know…or comprehend.
    I Pray the suit upon the Sheriff dep’t. and the city of Los Angeles come to GREAT FRUITION ABOVE and BEYOND.
    This is a cat and mouse game the Sheriff, city of L.A. is PLAYING……
    get off track ,yeah Mitrice spotted in Las
    A ploy folks!
    I believe Las Vegas is the place to…. impersonate.
    Policing one another police action is where the bulls-eye hit… target.
    So Yes, If it’s Not Murder, Then Take the Lie Detector Test:
    There are 6basics here, WHO, WHAT,WHEN, WHERE, WHY, HOW?
    Whom dealt with Mitrice? In ANY manner.
    IF and WHEN said people in room with a SHARP investigator that isn’t tied into the Bull shit , the TRUTH will reveal.
    No one, as stealthy as they believe themselve to be, can nor will convince a reputable investigator to innocense. Afterall, THE EYES are the window to your SOUL…………
    LIES do NOT decieve the SOUL,
    Vengeance is Mine, I Will Repay Sayeth the Lord Romans 12:19 KJV

  • gostwriter


  • ghostwrider

    I am saddened by the loss of this young lady. However, we must look at the whole picture. First off I agree with “True words”. I also can’t believe how unprofessional some of you can be. That said, I will carry myself accordingly. By the way I don’t really care that I WILL BE THE MOST UNPOPULAR in this blog.

    Future law—- You will never be a lawyer…a street lawyer perhaps but you have lotsa competition. By your comments, such hatred you will fall victim of your uncontrolled anger. Anger that will no doubt end you up in the lawyers seat… but as a defendant. In doing so you WILL become a FELON, causing you to be barred from EVER BECOMING A TRUE LAWYER. Not that you would have passed the BAR exam. In either case Mr. Lawyer, do you really believe that every cop from the Malibu station would have conspired to commit a crime of murder without someone not going with the program? Do you really believe that they would all be willing to risk going to jail, losing their jobs, their families and reputations just to kill a woman-black woman..ok. Get real.. If we can’t even get the democrats and republicans to agree within their own party how can a bunch of “RACIST COPS” conspire to do what you allege? By now Mr. Law I hope that you sense my sarcasm. You mention protocol. What do you know about protocol. You truly have it all wrong. Great for a novel though. KNOW THE FACTS ABOUT PROTOCOL BEFORE YOU COMMENT. As for the Officer leaving 2 minutes after the Deceased… UH perhaps he or she was going home!! You know the PO PO don’t live at the police station. They have homes, pets and families like you and I do.

    Lee Baca and his press conference. Let us see… did you not hear the part where Baca stated that he had just been informed of the Body. Did you also not hear Baca state that he had informed the Girl’s mother (I choose not to use the Young Lady’s name in vain cause that is what this is, a witch hunt in vain). Why aren’t you being critical about the way this dysfunctional family failed to come together when She needed them most. Moms was made aware of the finding and she chose not to tell dad. I could be wrong. Perhaps like Baca, she attempted to get in contact with him and was unable to do so. I don’t believe that notifying someone over the phone about a death in the family is the best way to break the news. Imagine if you will…. you get the news over the phone. So let’s see now… so now you are distraught, nervous, not all there. So now you drive to meet up with family members for support (if there is some sort of family support). As you drive you are so deeply upset that your crash head on with another car. Who is at fault? The police is….they caused her to crash. They were insensitive in breaking the news in such an insensitive way $$$$$. Some folks will find any excuse to sue or blame the police. It is an ugly job, there is no real right way to inform someone of a death. Mr, LAW, I challenge you to look up sheriff’s “how to inform a family member of a death” protocol. Then compare it to the best way you think it should be done. Then post it. CAN YOU HANDLE THAT? I know that it might be a challenge to do some research rather to voice you ridiculous theories. You watch way too much CSI, MTV, TLC, BET, FOX. Enough is enough, you need to be responsible in what you say. Just cause the great Lord gave you some sort of intellect and a voice to communicate with it does not mean that you should be careless in doing so. You suffer from what is commonly known as a “DIARRHEA MOUTH.” Uncontrollable use of the tongue. Like a baby who has just discovered his tongue…babbling away. As far as initiating a missing persons report. Unless the person is under age, elder, some sort of mental or physical issue that would render them incapable to care for themselves (the Girl’s prior mental issues were not mentioned until after she was reported missing) or some evidence of foul play or other suspicious circumstances , a report will not be taken. She was an adult and was free to come and go as She found fit. Imagine all the missing reports that would exist every time a boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife took off on a rendez-vous. As for missing evidence, what evidence? Do you know something we don’t. Were you in on this? Did you conspire as well? DID YOU KILL Mitrice Richardson (Ooops sorry. got carried away playing LAWYER). Did you proof read what you said? Vegas PD in on this. Do you realize these are two different police agencies in different states? You idiot. Now you want us to believe that the GREAT FOLKS from the malibu station and the GREAT FOLKS from VPD conspired after all the risks that they would have taken? Take some PEPTO. I don’t even thing that any of these liberal TV stations would buy your theory and put it on one of their most far fetched episodes on BONES OR CSI. Get real. I don’t even think that you buy your own lies. Your theory stinks like a sack of dead squirrels. Do you realize that the information they put out was information they got from the public calls from people like YOU!! As for making the deputies take a lie detector..are you serious? Mr. Low do you realize that these Officers have rights just like you and I do. They also have very good REAL attorneys at their disposal to prevent them from doing what they don’t need to do or want to. Sure they can volunteer. But for what? To please your blood thirsty conspiracy driven folks? I WOULDN’T BECAUSE IT IS MY RIGHT. Voluntarily doing so would only feed your quench. You would not be pleased with the end result and come up with yet another conspiracy theory. Let it go LOWYER. Just let it go. Lastly Lowyer since when does going to a restaurant and racking up a bill of $89.00 and not expect to pay become a norm? You order food, you eat, you pay. Simple. Doub’t in more ways than one that you would offer your legal representation at no cost and expect to survive. Tell me where you eat so I can come up on some free din din for me and my lil ones

    DALE: shut up!!

    MS QUEEN, God in not vengeful. YOU SCARE ME

    Mr. Freeman, although I disagree with your comment I must compliment you for your professionalism. With that said I will clarify some things for you with what I know. Most arrest reports are of public record including this one. So folks on this blog are free to request one . A substation is a subsidiary station or branch of a police station where perhaps a person might be held for a short time prior to being sent to the main station. Perhaps the main station was 10 miles away?I really don/t know and will not make an uneducated statement. By the way how could a couple of officers dispose of a body without others knowing? How would they explain to their superiors where the body went? It is all kept and logged on record for outrageous situations like this Sir.


    Do you own your own business? Take it you don’t otherwise you would not made the comment you did. How is GEOFFREYS restaurant responsible for her death. They are responsible for feeding Her, filling her tummy with their awesome food, nurturing her body and attending to her and not refusing her service. In return….”FREE ADVERTISING” What expected from a patron after a good meal.. to get paid. That is the way our economy works. For the most part at least!! You work, treat yourself to a good meal then pay for it with your hard earned money. Nothing is completely free. Had She paid She would have been on her way. But wait a minute, if the restaurant would not have called the police then “Geoffrey’s Restaurant of Malibu” would have been accused of causing her death with their food or perhaps their racist busboy making minimum wage. Yeah that’s it .. after his shift was over offered her a ride an took her to a desolate area and killed her.PLEASE. What does it matter any way? This theory is just as good as the next. You still hold Geoffrey’s accountable. They have the right to a private persons arrest same as you and I. The trouble with the laws these days is that criminals know their rights better than their wrongs. I doubt that Mr. LOWYER would ever offer his services for free…not that he will ever be a righteous attorney. Crazy theories perhaps free but legal advise I doubt.


    To answer truewords comments about protocol she was no longer in police custody when let loose. As for what time she was released, they have to let her go regardless of time. Should they have held in jail against her free will with no other charges pending? can you spell FALL IMPRISONMENT? Geoffry’s MALIBU 27400 PACIFIC COAST , good eatin


    Let me clarify something. Unfortunately this Girl committed a crime, failed to pay for her meal. If a crime is committed and a private person wants that person arrest guess what? For the most part you will go to jail. You were not placed on a 51/50 hold cause you committed a crime. Usually if a crime is committed it will supersede your mental condition. Also if you do not indicate that you are suicidal or want to harm yourself or someone else can’t care for yourself, you will not be held either. I could be wrong, correct me with factual truth if you will then post. As to your comment about “No one, as stealthy as they believe themselves to be, can nor will convince a reputable investigator to innocense,” OJ did it and got away with it. Oh yeah almost forgot. He got caught tripping on something else and will spend some good hard earned time in the slammer. By the way guess where he got caught convicted….VIVA LAS VEGAS. Glad to see they did not fall to the pressures of the press.

    All in all feel badly for what has happened. If you guys don’t like the way the police does their jobs then lobby your congressmen and women, councilmen and councilwomen. What the heck…become the police to make things right. When all others run from danger the PO PO runs towards it. Not an easy job to do. “I sometimes wish that people would put a little more emphasis upon the observance of the law than they do upon its enforcement. No amount of law enforcement can solve a problem that goes back to the family”

    Did anyone ever consider the fact that perhaps Mitrice Richardson was depressed and not happy with Her life, decided to end everything since She did not have the support of Her family, went out to have her last meal before ending her life? Why does my theory sound more obsured then most of the one in this blog? Because I do not share the same opinion as most here. After all this is THE COURT OF PUBLIC OPINION and you know what they say about opinions….OPINIONS ARE LIKE ASSTROIDS…..EVERY GALAXY HAS GOT ONE… I look forward to rebuddles

  • Guiltyassin


  • Guiltyassin

    @Ghost – They are guilty as sin.

  • ghostwrider

    @Guilt- Are you even in the States where one is innocent proven guilty. Then again, why are we having this conversation. The powers to be are not even considering looking at the Sheriffs Dept as being involved.

  • Future Lawyer AGAIN

    Ghostwriter – I’m not responsible for the way you feel, you are.

    Having an opinion is the American way and it is not illegal or a crime, nor is being unprofessional, or being rude toward anyone (officers included). With that being said, Ghostwriter, all I can do is ROFLMAO at you!

    I guarantee you that if your layman’s ass went up against me in any courtroom you’ll leave holding your weak ass argument in your hands and your head stuck your ass, not literally but theoretically. From a legal standpoint, I’d kick your ass all up and down and throughout the courtroom. Then make you theoretically eat your own briefs, and not the legal ones either. Not only will I be a lawyer but I’m going to be a DAYUM good one!

    In states like CA, the family does not have to ask for a mental evaluation–the police can do it when they pick you up for anything from loitering to disorderly conduct. I too have had a loved one with a mood disorder; and the person was taken to a hospital for an evaluation in lieu of arrest.

    It seems very odd that the restaurant complained about her “acting strangely”; but the cops saw no reason to take her to a hospital “just in case”. They are not mental health professionals who can adequately deem whether a person is a danger to self or others; so why not take her to a hospital?

    I’m glad her family is suing the cops; if nothing else, maybe they can get to the bottom of what happened to this young woman and why. Maybe the Sheriff’s office will then see fit to change these “procedures” to deal more humanely with detainees exhibiting obvious mental distress. Even if she had no mental issues; to send a defenseless young woman out into the night far from home with no resources was careless and cruel in every sense of the word.
    I have been aware of this tragic situation since day one. I figured they would find her, as the area where she was released is fairly populated. Now that they have found her remains and seeing where they found them, I think there was foul play. Someone was aware of the area where they found her remains and knew it was remote enough that she would not be found for a long time. I challenge anyone to look at the map and terrain and tell me she got to this area on her own. I have been in the canyons late at night and it is pitch black. I used to live in Carbon Canyon and there were nights when up on the trail, no moon, and you could not see you hand in front of your face. Someone picked her up and took advantage of her situation and killed her. There is just no was she could have gotten there by herself, no way! My deepest sympathy to her family – this whole debacle was a tragic event.
    Sheriff Baca believes, departmentally, they might be legally correct but would you hire a person with this philosophy to head up the remote office of your company without making physical contact with her next of kin? Only to see your company being blasted on T.V. News as callous and unkind to customers? Apparently the Sheriff’s Department is not being run by dedicated public servants but instead by people who believe they are the masters and the citizens are the servants.

    Thank you, case closed. And yes, I still believe the police were involved with her MURDER. Yes, MURDER. When all the evidence comes out you’ll be patting me on the back and kissing my ass by saying, “That person on the ‘net was right.”

  • ghostwrider

    Mr. lowyer,


    Expressing yourself including being rude has its repercussion. You either get sued, get your ass kicked and or get arrested. By the way, only way we would be in court together would be with you as a DEFENDANT. Not only do you lack the skill but you also lack common sense. WILL NEVER HAPPEN….ON THE REAL!!

    You are right when you say that a family member does not have to ask the police to place their family member on a hold for a mental evaluation (not a mood disorder, which was what you were having when you read my comment). Nonetheless, if a crime HAS been committed, it has to be dealt with. What was the police at your home for when she was taken for a mental evaluation? Take it your family chose not to press charges.

    Protocol- the customs and regulations dealing with diplomatic formality, precedence, and etiquette, an original draft, or record from which a document.

  • ghostwrider

    Mr. Lowyer,

    Do you really believe that cities have enough money to take a person to the hospital every time someone is acting “strangely?” People act “strangely” for many reasons including BEING UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF DRUG.” Don’t get it twisted.

    You compare the Sheriffs dept to that of a private business. YOU DON’T GET TO CHOOSE WHO ARRESTS YOU WHEN YOU COMMIT A CRIME!! Did you miss that lesson on your first year of lowyer school? Ever done a ride along with a police agency? RIDING IN THE BACK OF A POLICE CRUISER DOES NOT COUNT. By the way, the deputies did not send off a defenseless young woman out into the night far from home with no resources, she took herself to that area in the first place. So you commit a crime and then you get released. You expect a ride home? If they were to choose to do it it would have been out of courtesy and assume would not be mandated. I know, I know, what about Mel Gibson? Did I not mention Courtesy? In either case people on this blog have already used that theory but believe that rather then take her home they took her to a secluded area. Can’t win either way. By the way, since when does a killer take a dead body to a well traveled , high traffic location to discard of a body? You don’t have to be a Police Officer or watch CSI to know you would more then likely be seen. DUH! Some folks will believe your BS because they can’t think for themselves or do their homework. FOLKS WAKE UP..DO YOUR HOMEWORK. I am not saying that the police always does things right. As a minority and having lived in one of the most violent places in this country I have seen it all. One thing I will say, “without the Police we would have chaos.” Take your pick and decide. The only thing that you are right about Mr. Lowyer is that having an opinion is the American way and it is not illegal or a crime. Therefore I respect yours but I do ask that you be more responsible with your so called suspicious. Continue to educate yourself as you say you are doing. Then look deep inside you and ask yourself what your true motive is for such hatred for the police. Police has played an important role in American history, in a negative and positive way. I agree that we should also monitor our Police. Just don’t assuming that everytime something goes wrong that it is the police fault. Many times the public forgets that a crime has been committed prior to the police being involved.

  • Future Lawyer Again

    Mitrice’s family contacted you personally and told you they are done grieving over their daughter, right? No, you assumed this on your own.

    You missed the point completely – money is not the issue here.

    LE has an obligation to both protect and serve. LE had no problem driving wealthy Mel Gibson back home in their police car. You convenienly forget about this part. I’m sure LE offered Mitrice a ride alright = and drove her off to who knows where and I’ll leave it at that.

    Why do you hate Mitrice’s family so much? What have they done to you?


  • ghostwrider

    Mr. Lowyer,

    If money is not the issue why ask for it? You realize they have up to a year from the alleged
    So you know for a fact that Baca Personally offered Mel a ride? Didn’t I mention that perhaps Mel was offered a ride as a courtesy?

  • ErinB

    I have been heartbroken since the moment i heard of Matrice Richardson’s dissappearance. I understand why many would assume it’s entirely based on race, but I have had many experiences with my “neighborhood” sherriffs (no illegal activity involved) that will support the fact that this station treats everyone like dirt no matter where you are from or what you ethnicity is.

    On January 1st, 2006 i was arrested for a DUI (completely legitimate, though very embarrasing). They proceeded to release me on New Years day in the pouring rain at 10:00pm promising me that the tow yard storing my car would be open. I was not allowed to talk to the cab company myself. I was not allowed to make any type of phone call as all they let me keep was a debit card upon release.
    Without a pocket full of quarters, there is no chance of making any type of phone call!

    I’ve had nightmares for over 4.5 years about what should have happened to be me that night. Their cab “friend” tricked me into stepping out of the vehichle in the middle of an unlit industrial road and then proceeded to drive off – full speed with my passenger door open – leaving me in the middle of nowhere (5 miles from any lighted intersection). To this day he has never charged my credit card for the cab fare?

    When i stopped back by the station to politely inform them that they were wrong about the tow yard being open on a holiday……all four officers were laughing at me before i made it through the front doors and then proceeded to make comments about how the “rich white girl learned her lesson”?.

    I can never have respect for officers of the law after what they put me through. I admit entirely that i was at fault, but look what their jokes & games did to an innocent girl? Matrice was guilty of no crime whatsoever. I can’t imaging what she felt when they also kicked her out of the lobby of their station just for fun. I lived only 8 miles from the station – they made me walk 55 miles in the rain, just for fun?

    Matrice lived almost 50 miles from the station and family members were waiting to pick her up! Their is no excuse. The 10 months of excuses and false stories make me certain that they had something to do with her death. How can the attorneys already be making up excuses, months before you even have any evidence to submit to the public?

    I prayed she would be found safe. God Bless the Richardson family. Matrice will forever be in my thoughts.

  • I am overcome by the idea, the engineering, the fitting-it-in round the rest of everything else I need to do as Chief Cook and Bottle Washer in my company