Our favorite lesbian is a contestant on Hellbent for Hollywood.

Hellbent for Hollywood is the first reality series that combines the excitement of American Idol with the competitive challenges of Survivor where a hundred actors cast from thousands, compete for their big Hollywood break. Created by an award-winning production team, the show is a window into the real world behind the scenes struggle of actors coming to Hollywood from around the world, seeking an opportunity to build their talents and star power. The last actor standing could be the next film and television star.

Here’s where you come in…

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In Skyler’s Own Words…

I could never have imagine that it would take two careers for me to figure out that I was meant to be an actor.

I knew I always wanted to act but I did not think that I could manage it because I did not see many black woman that looked like boys on the big screen. So I decided I’d just be an aircraft electrician and work on airplanes. I served in the military for 10 years. It was when I finally became a woman that I realized that the military was not right for me. So I left and went to work in the high tech corporate industry as a robotic technician. Luckily for me, I figured out right away that a big pay check did not bring me the happiness or the recognition that I felt I deserved. One thing I have always known since I was little girl was that I was different.

I began my classical and contemporary theater training from 1999-2003. I studied with the Bennett theater lab in the San Francisco. Then I continued studies at American Conservatory Theater. After 9 years in the Bay area doing theater and film I decided to pack up and head to Los Angeles. By now I realized what my niche was that I am an actor of change. I especially love to take on roles that blur the lines or make you think does gender really matter. My work has been admired and remembered because of it. I try to select the roles that suit me and compliment my skill sets. This has given me successful results in acting and with content audiences. Coming to L.A has been such a wonderful affair and patient love affair. Although my strengths might appear to be in the theater right now. My work in film as been rapidly catching up.

Within my first 2 months of being in Los Angeles I’ve picked up two film projects and have been casted in an upcoming reality based competition entitled Hellbent For Hollywood. The latter being a competition and not knowing what the final outcome will be, I can already say wholeheartedly that I’m a winner because I hope to share with you an inside glimpse on how I make things happen for me. Triumph or defeat I will be an outstanding actor and I will continue to select the roles that I hope to delight audiences for as long as I can perform.

Currently working on:

  • Television- Hellbent For Hollywood (In Production)
  • Film-The Owl’s (In Production)
  • Film- Fredericka (September 2009)
  • Theater-DRIP (Opens November 1-21, 2009 )
  • Television- Cocktails (January 2010)