I have officially ceased to be a die hard Trader Joe’s customer. I knew this day was coming after I heard the news last year that London’s Tesco was opening up here in California under the name of Fresh & Easy.

Now don’t get me wrong, I used to love Trader Joe’s. Every Sunday after hiking you could catch me on LaBrea and Third faithfully. But when I found out that the folks that run Trader Joe’s had no interest in coming into the underserved communities, I lost a little love for them. It turns out that they’re not that socially conscious after all.

So in comes Tesco with Fresh & Easy. My boy Craig hipped me to them last year and I did my homework.

Fresh & Easy stores are designed to serve all types of neighborhoods, including those that

have been traditionally underserved. That’s why they opened one in Compton on Central and Rosecrans Avenue.

Like Trader Joe’s, they offer their Fresh & Easy label products. They even have their own version of 2 Buck Chuck, lol. The produce is great and I love the meat and fish selection. But unlike Trader Joe’s, Fresh & Easy stores also sells the national brands that we’re accustomed to seeing at traditional grocers.

For the past three weeks, I have been shopping at the Fresh & Easy in Compton and I gotta say that I love it. I’ve taken my aunt, co-workers, and godmother too.

I think it’s great that finally communities that are underserved have access to food that just as good if not better than the food that’s available in stores in other neighborhoods.

Favorites of mine are the Tiramisu dessert and maple pecan granola cereal. Another plus is that their pre-made salads are larger than the ones I get at Trader Joe’s and cheaper.

I also am really digging the fact that each store has a budget to donate to organizations in their immediate community, and their employees start at $10 an hour and are all eligible for 401k and medical benefits.

There are locations all over Southern California, but until the one on Crenshaw and Jefferson in my neighborhood is opened, I’m going to keep shopping at the one in Compton.

Anyone else check out Fresh & Easy yet?

Fresh & Easy’s official website is www.freshandeasy.com.