Some Deets on that LAPD OIS in Baldwin Village (aka the Jungles)

We’re not against the police. We’re not against the police department, but we are against police who commit misconduct (and those who help cover it up).

The Los Angeles Police Department has been less than forthcoming with the deets regarding that officer-involved-shooting that left a Black woman dead in an alley in Baldwin Village (aka the Jungles).  So I’m forced to help them out.

According to a copy of a 24-Hour Chief-of-Police Occurrence Log by the Force Investigation Division that I obtained and is seemingly regarding this incident, her name was Redel Kentel Jones and she was 30 years old.

On August 12, 2015 at around 1:43 p.m., the LAPD’s Southwest Division says that it responded to a “211 Suspect Just Left” radio call at the Stocker RX pharmacy located at 3750 Santa Rosalia Drive.  The call indicated that the suspect was wearing a purple scarf and carrying a large knife. Officers located Ms. Jones on Santo Tomas Drive and Marlton and began to chase her through the alley.  According to the LAPD’s internal narrative, Ms. Jones kept running and armed herself with the knife.  They say she turned towards them at one point causing one of the officers to use a TASER.  The Department says that the TASER had no effect on Ms. Jones who then charged at the officers and that’s when the officer-involved-shooting occurred.  The Department says that money and a demand note were found on Ms. Jones’ clothing.

Now, the L.A. Times has reported that an eyewitness contradicts that story.  Sadly but expected, that witness has since been subjected to intimidation and harassment by the LAPD for her comments to the Times.

I wasn’t there when Ms. Jones was killed so I really don’t know what happened.

What I do know is that if after a few more days pass and the Department continues this mums the word thing they’re doing regarding this shooting, we’ll have to get into even more details about this shooting.

For the record, I take no pleasure in sharing this type of information.  I would much rather my police department was as quick to be forthcoming with the details of officer-involved-shootings as they are to hunt down witnesses and intimidate them or assassinate their character after they’ve been killed.  But sadly they aren’t.  I honestly thought we’d established some sort of unwritten protocol about this and I could focus on other things.  I guess not, so I guess I’ll have to get back on it.

Anyway, the deets as I know them to be regarding the victim are below.

As for Ms. Jones’ family and friends, I have to believe that they’ve been notified at this point by the Department.  But if not and this is the first they are hearing of what happened, my sincerest apologies.

Finally, sources are just that, sources.  They can be wrong and they can be right.  My sources tend to be spot on with the info they trust me with so I have no reason to believe that this information is incorrect.  However, for my media friends, you might want to arm yourself with the info below and hit up LAPD’s media relations section for a confirmation.

Baldwin Village OIS



The Court of Public Opinion

  • Jack Mahoghof


    Because eye-witness testimony is never wrong…

  • Tituba

    What kind of intimidation is the “witness” experiencing? The same type applied to the Gaines shooting witnesses by your source and hero, and his friends?

  • I think you mean sources.

  • Raymond Maybet


  • Raymond Maybet

    Now niggaz want a lawsuit on this dumb ass behavior she cause this shift o herself.. u do dumb shift expect a dumb surprise wake up people

  • Pio Pio

    You attack a police officer with a weapon and that is to be expected.

    What is not expected is for Taxpayers’ money to be wasted by taking Captain Ruby Malachi to Dubai on taxpayer’s dime!!!!!!!
    What is the purpose of that Chief Downing? Aren’t
    Captains supposed to be running a station? Why would we as tax payers pay for your trip or Captain Malachi’s trip to Dubai or on duty time? Is this part of the ” :relationship division” duties? What “relationships” are we talking about here? Don’t we have enough “relationship building” demands here in the City of Los Angeles?

  • biggsmoke

    The police version of this event makes no sense. You are running from the police, they taser you, “the taser has no affect”, so you decide to turn around and “charge” at 4 police officers with a knife. So, the police shoot her because they “feared for their lives”. If it doesn’t make sense, it’s not true. What or who did she steal/rob? I’ve been in this raggedy run-down pharmacy and nothing in there is worth stealing. You’re telling me she robbed the place and was still in the alley, which is a block away, 15 minutes later. If you believe the police version of events, then you believe in the tooth fairy too.

  • code 6

    So glad I’m retired…….