VenusleftcornerHere we go again.

Ex-gay Black lesbian publisher Charlene Cothran is at it again.

It wasn’t good enough that she’s using her magazine Venus, which used to be a gay publication, to spread the news that gays can be saved from their life of sin, because now he’s taken her message public.

On today’s Electronic Urban Report, Charlene Cothran says that she’s no longer gay and that, “…I must come out of the closet again.  I have recently experienced the power of change that came over me once I completely surrendered to the teachings of Jesus Christ. As a believer of the word of God, I fully accept and have always known that same-sex relationships are not what God intended for us.”

Now keep in mind that this is the same woman that ran a magazine named after her ex-lover Venus that had been a staple in the Black gay and lesbian community.

But there’s more.

Charles is still publishing Venus and still sending it to her mailing list of Black gays and lesbians, only now the magazine is filled with way to rid yourself of being gay.  In her words, Cothran is writing more as an evangelist now. 

I can tell you that when her magazine pops up in my mailbox I put it in the circular file bin.

People like Charlene are the most dangerous kind of people to our community in my opinion.  Even more so than the hateful Black pastors.

It’s one thing to find the Lord and be saved and it’s another thing to completely switch sides and then condemn the same people you were trying to bed a few months ago.

See I wouldn’t have so much of an issue if she didn’t feel the need to change everyone.

Gay people aren’t trying to make everyone gay, so why do heterosexual and wannabe heterosexual people feel it’s their civic duty to change us?

Now…can someone please tell me why Ms. Cothran who is admittedly an ex-lesbian is now living a life of celibacy?

It seems to me that if she is now saved and is a heterosexual there are plenty of men out there for her to choose from.  So why the celibacy?  Could it be because she’s not attracted to men and still attracted to women?  Just a thought.  I mean she’s 48 not 88, everything should still be working down there.  No need to give up sex just because you’ve decided to go straight.

But all isn’t wrong with the world.

Venus Magazine has no ad clients and some of Charlene’s past friends won’t take her call anymore.

But she’s happy.That’s one thing we do have in common, we’re both happy Black lesbians.