Ralph's Crenshaw - Coliseum

With Fresh & Easy set to close, it’s getting harder and harder to shop locally for quality food at a grocery store.  Most recently, Ralph’s closed at the intersection of Crenshaw and Rodeo–but in their defense, that store needed to close.  The only difference between that store and Boys Market was the sign outside and don’t get me started on the food that God awful parking lot.

But now it’s been discovered that the Ralphs on Martin Luther King and Western is closing next week with virtually no notice to the community.

Residents, who have long since complained about Ralphs’ poor and unfair business practices in South L.A., which includes selling rotten food and low quality products, will rally to demand answers from the grocery chain on its recent decision and its poor record. More than 200 residents, union members, and community activists are expected to attend the rally on Thursday, June 13, at 5 p.m. at the corner of King Blvd. and Western Ave.

Kroger is the largest operator of traditional supermarkets, which reported $96.8 billion in revenues last year according to BizJournal. The reason for the closure is a mystery to the community as the owners have not received any communications from the grocery chain.

The march will feature speakers from the community, union representatives and community leader, Marqueece Harris-Dawson from Community Coalition. The program will also present a “Ralphs Rotten Food Fight” to symbolize the poor business practices that the community has endured.