So it seems that this Saturday after I finish playing tennis in the City of Los Angeles’ Celebration of Women Festival, I will be sitting on a panel for Outfest’s LGBT People of Color Film Festival’s Fusion Conference.

Now I will say that I agreed a long time ago to sit on this panel. Outfest is one of my favorite events and organizations in Los Angeles with strong solid leadership.

What I didn’t agree to was sitting on a panel with an agent, ak.a. informant, a.k.a. “Massuh our house is on fire” Negro. But be that as it may be, bring it on and let’s do this.

Prop 8 and The Fallacy of Single Issue Politics

November’s disheartening passage of Proposition 8 has stimulated a range of discussion within LGBT communities of color — from criticism of the tactics utilized by the No on 8 campaign to despair over the homophobic and racist fissures exposed in communities of color and the LGBT community in the aftermath of Prop 8’s passage. This esteemed panel will address tough questions such as: Is Gay Marriage really a Civil Rights concern for queer people of color? Should focus be placed upon combating racism within the LGBT community and homophobia within communities of color as a first step? Can both sides recover from depictions of gay marriage supporters as threats to children and gay marriage opponents as promoters of hatred?

Saturday, March 7, 2009
1 p.m.
The LGBT Village
1125 N. McCadden Place
Los Angeles, CA