Now this should be good. 

Star Jones, who recently dumped 160 pounds after a “medical intervention,” code word for gastric bypass surgery, is set to interview our friend Isaiah Washington on her new Court TV show.  Washington will appear on the first episode of her show which airs Monday, August 20.  Set your Tivo’s now!

According to quotes from, when asked how Washington relates to Jones’ law-themed the show, Jones replied:

[Washington is] clearly in the middle of a story that involves law and ethics and values and judgment,” Jones said. ”But also, he has a brand-new show that brings up ethical considerations. We’re excited about The Bionic Woman, but there are ethical considerations [there] because we in our technology right now are moving to replacing limbs, and we’re moving in the whole area of stem cell research, we’re moving in the area of cloning and whether or not it can actually be done with a human. And in reality, that’s what you’re doing with The Bionic Woman, you’re playing God. And so I get an opportunity to talk about those kinds of issues.

Izzie, we’ll be watching.