One day before the country marks the first 100 days of President Barack Obama’s historic presidency, Hidden Beach Recordings will release the Music and Video set CHANGE IS NOW: RENEWING AMERICA’S PROMISE. Available for the first time in stores on April 28, the album was initially available in very limited release on Inauguration Day (January 20, 2009) in official inauguration stores in conjunction with the Presidential Inaugural Committee where the CD-DVD set quickly sold out at official inaugural events. The set includes a DVD with eight of President Barack Obama’s landmark campaign speeches together for the first time and a moving 18-song CD with tracks from the recording industry’s most respected, talented and accomplished artists.

The powerful 18 songs on the CD reflect America’s diversity by tapping into the creative community’s overwhelming response to President Obama’s universal themes of hope, unity and change. Hidden Beach Recordings is proud to celebrate President Obama’s significant accomplishments in first 100 days in office. Of his first 100 days, the Los Angeles Times has written that President Obama “…has ordered the closure of the Guantanamo Bay military prison and a troop withdrawal from Iraq; made it easier for women to sue for job discrimination; eased a ban on stem cell research; extended healthcare coverage to millions of children; ousted the head of General Motors; reached out to the Muslim world; moved to ease tensions with Cuba; traveled to Canada, Europe, Turkey and Latin America; and set aside huge tracts of wilderness for federal protection (4/19/09).” The article continues to quote Allan Lichtman, a historian from American University, who says “…you really have to go back as far as Franklin Roosevelt for this much coming out of a newly elected president.” As expressed on the lead off track of the CD—’s “A New Day”—it’s now clear that millions around the world feel that we are experiencing a new day.

Hidden Beach Recordings is also excited to launch the video for the first single from CHANGE IS NOW: RENEWING AMERICA’S PROMISE: Stevie Wonder’s new anthem, “All About The Love Again.” The very simple animated video expresses the power of love and positivity which reflects Stevie’s lyrics, inspired by President Obama. Of the track, Jonathan Takiff of the Philadelphia Daily News wrote, “…Stevie Wonder’s hook-happy, harmonica-fired new salute, ‘All About the Love Again,’ [is] the most uplifting piece of songcraft he’s delivered since that ‘Happy Birthday’ homage to [Martin Luther King, Jr.] (1/20/09).” Wonder has already performed the song to over 50 million people via national television outlets including The Neighborhood Ball (1/20/09), the nation’s #1 show, “American Idol” (3/26/09), “The 51st Annual Grammy Awards” (2/8/09 as the show’s final performance), “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” (2/6/09) as well as during the first concert performance at the White House. The single’s release marks the first time Stevie Wonder has issued a single on a label outside of Motown, his home for the past five decades.