Stevie Wonder and KJLH Radio Free 102.3 FM Donate $5,000 To Help ‘Reach One Million’

Yesterday on ‘Stevie Wonder’s Morning Thunder Thousand Dollar Thursday’ radio show, heard locally in Los Angeles on Radio Free KJLH102.3 FM, Stevie Wonder donated $5,000 to actor and philanthropist Isaiah Washington’s ‘Reach One Million’ Campaign. The donation will be used to erect a water well in the local village of Njala Kendema in the Bo Region of Sierra Leone, West Africa where there is little access to clean drinking water and 70 percent of the country’s population lives in extreme poverty.

Washington recently used the occasion of his 45th birthday to kick off the ‘Reach One Million’ Campaign, a national campaign spearheaded through his non-profit organization The Gondobay Manga Foundation with the mission of raising $250,000 to help improve the lives of one million children in Sierra Leone—one village, one region, at a time.

The campaign’s official websites are and

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  • Debra Ligon

    KJLH how awesome u are. I sent a simple email regarding a family member who was in need and all I did was send a simple email. I did not tell her in case she was not able to be helped. To my delight and surprise on Christmas eve she came by screaming she was blessed by KJLH and did not know who sent her name in, I was so happy to tell her that I did. This small note is just to let you know that you blessed and encouraged that family, as I am sure you did many more. Thank you Mr. Stevie Wonder, your management and staff for you ability to help OUR community. You are a blessing and may God continue to bless, encourage, inspire, and motivate. We thank God for you.