Now what would you think if you read a news story that said that Senator Hillary Clinton in her quest for the Presidency, intentionally avoided reaching out to whites and white women in order not to alienate other voters and be seen as the white’s candidate?

Yeah, just what I thought.

So enter her current archrival Senator Barack Obama and yesterday’s news story that he is going to target Blacks after intentionally not reaching out to them in an effort to not be seen as the Black’s  candidate.

Do you see the madness?

You see this is how we get into trouble.  We hire these consultants at outrageous rates who then tell you, the Black man, not only how to talk to Blacks (because somehow you forgot the moment you stepped into the ring), but when to talk to them and when to distance yourself from them. 

Am I the only one getting dizzy from the spin cycle and the crap coming from these camps?

No matter what Brother Obama does, he’s always going to be seen as the Black candidate, even if we don’t show up to polls I droves and elect him into office and we mistake him for the President of the NAACP or realize that’s a contender in the race at all.  He is the lone Black in a sea of whiteness.  There’s no escaping that.  So to read that he’s been intentionally avoiding Blacks makes me raise one eyebrow.  Do I really want a man that can’t even claim his own and has people advising him to distance himself from the brothers and sisters as President?  When it’s all said and done, like with Michael Jackson, O.J. Simpson, and all the other Blacks that got too big for their britches and strayed away, Obama knows where his base lies.

This election can’t come soon enough for me because I am can’t take anymore of foolishness.