So I as I always freely admit, some things miss me.

Between work, my extracurricular activities, and a thousand or so emails in my inbox on a daily basis, something will undoubtedly get missed.

As was the case with this video.

Over the weekend, I watched this video and discussed it with several friends.  And after reading some of the posts associated with the video on various websites, I have to say that I am a bit troubled.

First is the fact the parents or guardians of the young boy thought it was appropriate to put this video online.  Watching this video reminded me of a similar video where parents in Florida posted a video of their kinds fighting each other while they were edging them on in the background.  Now mind you the kids we young, maybe 8 or 9 years old.

I think the parents who posted the video of this boy dancing were very irresponsible.

Second is the assumption that because the boy is dancing to Beyonce that he’s automatically labeled as gay or as acting gay.

This is that heterosexual crap that all gay men are effeminate and therefore because the young boy in the video is mimicking Beyonce (and not doing a half bad job) that he’s somehow gay.  I guess if he were imitating some gangsta rapper (because gangstas don’t dance they boogie), he wouldn’t be getting the criticism he’s receiving.

I have a Godson who is about the same age as the young boy in the video.  Because he has no male role models in his life, including his father, he spends most of his time with his Grandma, mother, and two sisters.  Yes, a house full of women.  Therefore, at age nine, his biggest influence has been the opposite sex and at times it can show in his mannerisms and behavior.  But does that make him gay?

Lately, he’s been getting into fights at school and is being ridiculed by the other students for being gay.  He’s been called the “f-word” and other slurs by the students. 

It’s becoming a much bigger problem for the family because at 9, he shouldn’t have to defend his sexual orientation, no matter what it is.  Although, I have to say I don’t think he is gay. 

So when I looked at the video, I immediately thought of my Godson and his schoolyard troubles which brings me back to my first point that it was irresponsible of the adults to put this video in the public domain.  The criticisms and comments that have derived from this video will probably follow this kid throughout his youth and perhaps into his adulthood.  Whether he’s gay or not is not really the issue for me.  I’m more concerned with the internal damage that’s going to be caused by the video.  The reality of the situation is that he didn’t hit record and tape himself, he was pushed  to do the performance at the delight of a group of adults who without thinking about how hard it is already for young Black boys in life, decided to put it up on the Internet for the world to see.

Like the title said, strange behavior.