Strange Behavior: Garcetti and Beck Ask for Protective Order Against Activists

We’re not against the police. We’re not against the police department, but we are against police who commit misconduct (and those who help cover it up).

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There’s some strange behavior going on unnoticed by the news media in the rooms of the Los Angeles Superior Court.

After weeks of trying to get a meeting with Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti regarding the shooting death of Ezell Ford and the firing of Police Chief Charlie Beck, Black Lives Matter Los Angeles activists found themselves the subject of protective orders wanted against them from both both Beck and Garcetti.

Oh my God, they’re such haters.

But on some real ish–I find it oddly clever, tricky and conniving all at the same time–but that’s beside the point.

I am especially shocked at the Mayor thought who was caught outright trying to avoid the same activists by sneaking out the back door of his own house when they were out front trying to seek a meeting with him. And then on top of that got caught in a lie by the L.A. Times about why he was sneaking out in the first place. Smh.

Judge Denies Mayor and Police Chief Stay Away Orders Against Black Lives Matter Activists

A judge denied a request by the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office today to restrict two Black Lives Matter protesters from going near Los Angeles police Chief Charlie Beck and Mayor Eric Garcetti, after they tried to crash a meeting earlier this week.

Black Lives Matter Los Angeles attorney Nana Gyamfi said, “Yesterday, after failing to keep them from getting out of jail on their own recognizance, City Attorney Mike Feuer’s representative told a Superior Court judge on the record in open court that Mayor Eric Garcetti and Chief Charlie Beck personally requested protective orders against two Black Lives Matter movement participants who had been arrested and charged with misdemeanors for daring to attend an open public event to ask L.A.’s Back Door Mayor  about meeting with Black Lives Matter. Hipster L.A. Back Door Mayor Garcetti, Chief ‘Bull Conner’ Beck and Mike ‘Hang ‘Em High’ Feuer have shown perfectly in this moment once again what we already knew–they don’t like Black people and Black lives do not matter to them. Well, you can’t jail a movement and you can’t get a protective order against one either.”

Spokesman Rob Wilcox confirmed that the office requested a stay away order to prevent Evan Bunch, 28, and Luz Maria Flores, 23, from being near Beck and Garcetti.

The office filed charges this morning against Bunch, alleging battery of a police officer resulting in injury, battery of a police officer, resisting arrest, and preventing public officials from doing their job, while Flores was charged with resisting arrest and misdemeanor battery of officers, Wilcox said.

The city has “no good cause,” and “should not ask for protective order,” said attorney Nana Gyamfi who said most of the actual charges were made in relation to the police officers, and not with Garcetti or Beck.

Only one charge refers to Garcetti and Beck and alleges that Bunch was preventing public officials from doing their job in a public place, which Gyamfi said is a charge that is rarely made and a tactic to support the stay away order request.

Gyamfi added the charges filed by the City Attorney’s Office are “based on spite and retaliation.”

“When you file criminal charges, they have to be based upon a violation of the law, and cannot be based on the fact that you don’t want to be bothered by people,” Gyamfi said. “That is an abuse of the process.”

Gyami said an injury suffered by a Los Angeles police officer that was shown in court was an abrasion the size of a nickel. She would not discuss details about what occurred in the scuffle between her clients and the police.

Los Angeles police said the incident occurred about 5 p.m. Wednesday at Mt. Carmel Recreation Center, 830 W. 70th St., where Beck and Garcetti were meeting publicly with backers of the city’s Summer Night Lights youth program on its opening night.

Bunch allegedly injured a police officer during the scuffle, and Flores allegedly tried to pull Bunch free from the custody of police, while trying to enter and disrupt the meeting, police said.

Black Lives Matter activists have told City News Service they are trying to gain a meeting with Garcetti, and want Beck and two officers who fatally shot Ezell Ford, an unarmed black man last year, to be fired.

I am getting more and more irritated by the day with the antics of two men whose election I fully supported.  The third, Chief Beck, I am not surprised by.  But Feuer and Garcetti—really?  I mean really?  Just meet with Black Lives Matter Los Angeles already.  Good God.

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  • Cinderella

    What is going to be gained at a meeting?

  • Joe

    What happen to the post and picture of Captain Jorge Rodriguez in his tighty whities?? Did someone get threatened and remove it ? Jasmyne?? Whats up with that? First time I see that

  • First this isn’t the post for that. Second, the answer is nope no one was threatened to remove it. In the future try and keep comments to the topic of the post please. If you need to go off topic just send me a message through my contact page. Thanks “Joe.”

  • A judge denied a request by the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office today to restrict two Black Lives Matter protesters from going near Los Angeles police Chief Charlie Beck and Mayor Eric Garcetti…
    The ONLY thing shocking about this to me is that the LA Superior Court judge DENIED the TRO’s. These judges are basically rubber stamps for the police/DA/establishment, so having the TRO’s denied is a pretty big accomplishment. A rare bird.

  • Sorry, when I said “these judges” I meant only STATE judges, who rule on TRO’s and protective orders, not our federal judges.

  • State judges are elected (after being “appointed” b the current governor) , and to be re-elected they NEED the endorsements of the local DA and all the police unions, which is why they rubber stamp anything in favor of the DA or police….

  • Joe

    I understand what your saying, but I figure I’ll just ask the question on ur latest post because it’s the most recent, and most likely to be read here, not on last months post (See, it worked). You still didn’t answer the question. I’m sure I’m not the only one wondering why that particular post suddenly went bye bye. I hope the powers to be didn’t make you an offer you can’t refuse? Like maybe a plea deal on ur up coming trial??

  • Coj

    Yea tell him what happened. That is not the only story that you took down. She usually doesn’t answer if it doesn’t look good on her.

  • Lol, thanks for that laugh this morning. A plea deal, ha. I must show this to my attorney so we can both get our chuckle on. Really thank you for that laugh. Naw, I took it down because there was “someone” asked me too. It was my choice to comply. I think the point was already made and the person’s reasons for needing to come down were legit enough to me. That’s not something that I make a practice of doing often. Does that answer your question? If it doesn’t, feel free to send me an email and when I have time I’ll answer it. Contrary to popular belief I am not sitting around monitoring all of these comments. I do it when I time. If you enjoyed the story so much you should have printed it and saved it so that you could read it whenever you want to.

  • Rommie Hill

    This is a prime example of ‘them’ abusing the system for their own personal gain; this time (probably the 1st time ever) they were DENIED. In a perfect world where authority figures are held accountable for their actions, wouldn’t this incident hold enough grounds of evidence to actually prosecute both of them in court for false accusations, defemation of character and also Slander?
    Love the quote by the way: “Well, you can’t jail a movement and you can’t get a protective order against one either.”
    Anyway, keep up the good fight!

  • Whatever COJ, go back and crawl under the house from which you came from. Boo! Be gone.

  • Tyndon Clusters

    Obviously Garcetti believes that “Green Cash Matters” and not black lives.

  • Joe

    Right on. Just curious. Thank you. Good to see that everyone can be bought off. Not necessary with money or gifts either. Thank you for your good work tho. Keeps command LAPD staff on their toes.

  • I thought the pics were HILARIOUS!!!! …off the hook hilarious 🙂

  • I think this IS the first time, and probably the last and only time, a TRO was DENIED. It is unheard of for a high powered gov official to not get the perfunctory “rubber stamp” of approval.

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  • Integrity101

    These dudes are idiots. They have no respect nor honor or anything that comes close to that. They are corrupt and I hope they get run out of office. I hope all the people that voted for these fools opens their eyes!!