The photo above is just another perfect example of how white gays usurped the Black Civil Rights Movement language for their gay marriage movement all the while never putting into practice any of its core principles or understanding the people and history behind it.

Nooses represent one of the worst periods in American history for Blacks. Yet, gays want Blacks to support their movement for gay marriage and vote no on a proposition that would exclude them from it. But what does it really say about the white gay community when for fun—a noose is used as part of a political Halloween display? I mean really, is that best they could come up with? More importantly, why was the use of a noose even in their psyche to begin with?

I’m no fan of Sarah Palin, but if I was going to put up a display, it wouldn’t include the use of a noose—I know better.

Now I guarantee you had someone put a noose around the necks of—or created a fire underneath—two male mannequins wearing rainbow shirts, holding hands, and hung it outside their house as a Halloween display—all of West Hollywood would be screaming bloody murder.

This is just another reason why as a Black lesbian, I am not actively working on the Proposition 8 campaign. It’s being pushed by people like the men who used a noose to make a political statement on the eve of one of the most important elections where a Black man could quite possible become the next president of the United States of America. And even though I believe that as a Black lesbian I should have the exact same rights as everyone else in this country, including the right to get married should I choose to, at some point you have to take a stand for what you believe in and know to be true. Racism continues to permeate consciously and subconsciously in white gay America. This is just the latest example, and these are the same people who want Blacks to vote No on Proposition 8—and support as they say “equality for all.” Yeah I’m sure Sarah Palin hanging from a house with a noose around her neck will go a long ways in delivering that message.

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