Photo01_bigPhoto: Dr. Krishna Bhatta with the Vice President of India

In a posting on UK Gay News, Nepal’s Blue Diamond Society (BDS) was told today to stop its ‘Care Support’ sexual health outreach programme in Dhangadi and “to look for something better to do.”

At a regular monthly meeting organized by the District Public Health Office, BDS outreach educator Ram Awatar said he was astounded at what was said.

Krishna Bhatta (above), the Public Health Officer said that the “anus doesn’t have any sexual tissues, that’s why there is no chance of HIV/AIDS transmission” and that “there [are] no MSM/MSW/TG in Dhangadi, so I believe this Care and Support program in Dhangadi for MSM/MSW/TG is absolutely unnecessary”.

Then, Ms. Durga Shrestha from BASE, an NGO, told at the meeting: “If we allow this program in Dhangadi, this will promote homosexuality, which will pollute the entire society.”

Lord have mercy on us all.

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