Acclaimed Cultural Indie Drama Challenges Racism and Homophobia Beyond Color Lines

Attorney William Boyals worked hard to escape the Louisiana bayou, but no amount of success can prepare him for the obstacles he encounters while investigating the murder of a childhood friend – also black and gay. Victims mount as William is confronted with racism from outside his community, and homophobia from within. Billie Holiday’s famous anthem provides inspiration for William’s search for the truth beneath the sultry murk of the bayou and for reconciliation with his own past.

“STRANGE FRUIT” stars Kent Faulcon (American Beauty, Men in Black, Die Hard with a Vengeance) as Williams Boyals, Berlinda Talbert (The Jeffersons, Harlem Nights) as Emma and David Raibon (The District, Six Feet Under) as Duane.

This film, like the recently released CRASH, challenges its audience to think beyond color lines and their own "isms" to receive the real message of the film.  Met with mixed reviews from around the country, this film has stricken a cord not only with Pan Africanists but with African Americans gays and lesbians as well. It is a must see for the entire Black community.  I’ll keep my site updated with future screenings of the film. This film gets ***** five out of five stars for it’s daring content and wonderful cast.—-J.C.

Technical Information

DIR: Kyle Schickner, SCR: Kyle Schickner, USA, 2004, video, 116 min.

Scheduled Screenings

Tuesday, July 19
Atlanta, GA
Pan African Film Festival at the National Black Arts Festival
Woodruff Arts Center Hill Auditorium
8pm Screening
1280 Peachtree St., NE
Atlanta, GA 30309

Thursday, August 18
Oakland, CA
Oakland Int’l Black LGBT Film Festival
Parkway Theater
8pm Screening
1834 parway Blvd.
Oakland, CA