What It’s Called: Chevela Organics & Naturals
What It Is: Candles, Body Oils, Scrubs, Lotions, Shea Butters

Well actually, this should be stuff I love because I love Chevela’s products and I swear by them.

So here’s my Chevela story.  I used to pop into Simply Wholesome (a Los Angeles favorite) a couple times a month to pick up Chevela’s shea butters, scrubs, candles, and body oils in the orchid scent (that’s my scent).  I took to using Chevela’s line after Carol’s Daughter up and just discontinued their Groove scented line of products, I’m still hot about that.

Anyway, one day I showed up and Chevela’s products were not at Simply Wholesome anymore and I was really, really disappointed.  When you find beauty products that work for you from the scent to the effect it has on your skin, it’s really a downer to have to start all over and find a new product to use.  I swear by her scrubs because when I step out of the shower after using it, my skin is glowing and is as soft as a baby’s ass–and that’s for real.  Not to mention, they just smell intoxicating.

I decided to look her up online and see if I could get the products elsewhere and I found her on Facebook so I hit her up and we struck up a conversation and eventually a friendship around her products and our both having been in the foster care system.

Chevela started out making these products in her kitchen where she began to get serious about mixing inviting fragrances for home and body products.

It was a slow start, but in 2007 Chevela began to realize her dream of independence as she began to develop her own line of natural and organic skincare products.  While still working her day job to make ends meet, Chevela began to market and sell her products at local farmer’s markets and salons.

It wasn’t long before the word began to spread around town about her products which included shea butters, body oils, coconut wax body candles, lotions, soaps, salt and sugar scrubs, and lop balms.  All made from her own original recipes, Chevela’s knack for developing beautiful scents in natural and organic products paved the way for her products to be featured in Los Angeles healthy living hotspots Erewon and Simply Wholesome.

2014 finds Chevela with a devoted almost cult like following of both men and women who enjoy the long lasting effects her products have had on their body as well as in their homes, including myself.

Customer favorites include her coconut wax candles that double as body massage oil when burned (a favorite of mine).  She’s known for her trademarks scents which include orchid (my scent), lemongrass, lavender, sunflower, vanilla, peppermint and more.

Currently she’s in talks with United National Foods, the leading independent national distributor of natural, organic and specialty foods and related products including nutritional supplements, personal care items and organic produce, in the United States. A big deal for Chevela who knows that there are only handful of African-Americans in this area of business—most notably Carol’s Daughter, Nubian Heritage, and Shea Moisturizer.

So for my folks in Los Angeles who are fans of great candles, body scrubs, lotions, shea butters, and body oils–connect with this sista.  Her stuff is reasonable and will have a long lasting positive affect on your skin.

How to connect with Chevela: https://www.facebook.com/ChevelaOrganics