Black Panther: Everything Doesn’t Have to Be Gay

Like with anything Black people do that receives too much high praise and critical acclaim, there’s always at least one descendant of a colonizer at the ready to make sure that we don’t get too big for our britches.  This time around its criticism of Marvel Studios’ Black Panther film for their so-called “lack of LGBT representation.”

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Tatianna Speaks…

Before I say anything, I would like to thank everyone for the overwhelming support after hearing about my situation. All of the donations, e-mails of support, and the general well-wishing’s for me during graduation. It’s solely because of you that I was I able to get my cap and gown and thoroughly enjoy this moment in my life. When I came out to my parents, which just happened to be three days before graduation, I was completely unprepared. It wasn’t even a “coming out” on my part so much as a “coming clean.” I wanted to wait until I was in a better financial situation and/or had a significant other in my life, before I told my parents that I was a lesbian. But as luck would have it, my mom beat me to it.

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UPDATE: She Came Out and She GOT Our Support!

Just a quick update to say thank you to everyone who took the time to reach out to Tatianna and/or donate to her college graduation fund. As of this posting, 29 people helped to raise $318 for Tatianna’s graduation. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Tatianna graduates from USC Upstate in Spartanburg tomorrow. Tatianna is going to email me a photo of her in her cap and gown that I am going to post as soon as I get it. In addition, Tatianna is working on a piece that I am going to run on my site this week about this whole experience—coming out, her parent’s reaction, and the support from a community that she didn’t know existed.