Surprise, surprise. The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force has stepped up as one of the first national gay organizations to go on record about Imus’ racists comments. 

The Task Force is calling for the termination of radio host Don Imus from his job for his repeated on-air racist remarks.

Task Force ED Matt Foreman has this to say:

“Don Imus blurted out unvarnished racist and sexist epithets at the Rutgers women’s basketball team, a group of star athletes and star student citizens. If this was an isolated incident, a sincerely made apology might be considered, but Don Imus is a serial offender and his ‘I’m a good person’ protestations ring hollow. His defamations rend the social fabric and insult, demean and degrade all of us, but especially the undeserving targets of his rage. There is no excuse for his employers to allow him any further access to the public airwaves. Enough. Give Imus the pink slip.”

Like I said, surprise, surprise.  In writing my earlier post about the gay leadership’s silence on Imus, I can tell you that I never thought the Task Force would have been the first to chime in on it.  So like with GLAAD and Shirley Q. Liquor, when kudos are do, I give them.  Kudos.  Next time though, let’s not wait so long.  We knew it was wrong when we first found out about it.