Just a quick update to say thank you to everyone who took the time to reach out to Tatianna and/or donate to her college graduation fund. You helped to raise $334 for Tatianna’s graduation. Thank you, thank you, thank you.—Jasmyne

Before I say anything, I would like to thank everyone for the overwhelming support after hearing about my situation. All of the donations, e-mails of support, and the general well-wishing’s for me during graduation. It’s solely because of you that I was I able to get my cap and gown and thoroughly enjoy this moment in my life.

When I came out to my parents, which just happened to be three days before graduation, I was completely unprepared. It wasn’t even a “coming out” on my part so much as a “coming clean.” I wanted to wait until I was in a better financial situation and/or had a significant other in my life, before I told my parents that I was a lesbian. But as luck would have it, my mom beat me to it.

In the middle of a mundane phone conversation, my mother blurts out “we’ll see about the car bill next week and the cell phones…are you gay?”

She threw me off completely. I hesitated, then soon after admitted to her that I was a lesbian. She expressed immediate “disappointment.”

We will just say that’s what my dad did as well, only magnified times eight.

This led to the “cutting you off financially” situation, and for me, general regret. I didn’t really tell anyone else what happened, except for my Women’s Studies professor Dr. Lisa Johnson, who immediately informed Jasmyne the next day, which led to the community of support that I had no idea that existed.

And believe it or not, everything in my life, not to over dramatize, has really improved since then.

I’m still working on being comfortable in my “out” status, but this was a first, albeit awkward, stepping stone that Jasmyne has completely helped me with.

Once again, thank you to everyone that has shown support, I will continue to all of the people that I haven’t replied to yet personally for their donation and words of support. As you can imagine, this has been a pretty hectic situation, what with graduation and all this week.

Thank you for being a unified front in what was a stressful period in my life that turned into one of the most significant experiences in my life.

Class of 2008
Univ. of South Carolina Upstate