Teacher Who Cut Off Little Black Girl’s Braid Gets $175 Fine—WTF?


ow see this is the crazy shit that I am talking about—oh but it’s all good because we have a Black president.  I forgot my bad.  Well tell that to 7 year old Lamya Cammon whose  first-grade teacher brought her to the front of the class and used a pair of classroom scissors to cut off one of her braids as punishment–and no this didn’t happen in Los Angeles cause well, we don’t play that shit here quite frankly.

Here are the details…

The story of a Milwaukee first grader whose teacher cut off one of her hair braids in class is getting national attention.

Lamya Cammon has been transferred to a different class, and because it’s a personnel matter, Milwaukee Public Schools has been careful about talking on any forthcoming disciplinary actions.

However, the principal of the school in question has told the family she’s taking action

Cammon said she was playing with her hair when her first grade teacher at Congress Elementary cut one of the braids with a scissors.

“She told me to stop playing with it. Then cut it off and sent me back to my desk,” Cammon said.

Of the hundreds of media outlets to pick-up the story since, there are thousands of blog comments.

Some of them defend the teacher with comments such as, “It’s not like she hurt anybody, lighten-up.”

However, the vast majority of the comments hold with the child.

A group of women in San Diego is even reaching-out to the family.

“Hair is a crucial part of our identity,” anthropologist Ruby Rodriguez said. “I’m not a die-hard political activist, but this is something that needs to be addressed in a way that helps to return some of this little girl’s dignity to her.”

“It’s shocking because I know things happen to kids everyday. I didn’t think it would get the attention that it’s getting,” Cammon’s mother, Helen Cunningham said.

Cunningham said she was surprised how many people have been critical of her for not getting physical with the teacher.

“I don’t want to teach my kids that violence is the answer. I’m the single mother of six kids. I don’t want them to go out here every time someone does something wrong and start fighting. There’s a better way to handle things and hopefully a lot of other people can learn from that,” Cunningham said.

To the surprise of a lot of poster’s, she isn’t necessarily calling for the teacher to be fired.

“I talked to the principal once, and she told me she’s doing what she could to be able to discipline the teacher,” Cunningham said.

The mother said if the teacher is under that much stress, MPS needs to do a better job of providing counseling.

Still, Cunningham said she wants to be reassured that the teacher realizes what she did was wrong.

Police issued the teacher a disorderly conduct citation last week.

Teacher discipline has to be approved by the MPS board. The personnel committee did meet Tuesday night, but the board hasn’t received any recommendations yet for discipline in the case.

The teacher was slapped with a fine this week and faces possible suspension after cutting off a student’s braid out of “frustration” because the girl would not stop touching her hair.

The Court of Public Opinion


    I have to say that i’m more of a reciprocity type than a turn the other cheek, I don’t care what stress the teacher is under, maybe she needs to find a new field, because what exactly did she teach this little girl, what scar has this action left on her character. The fact is at a very young age she has been subjected to disgrace, disrespect, and public humiliation… and since there has been no REAL repricution


    Sorry, my wifi is doing “stunts & shows”… REPERCUSSION (correct spelling), because there hasn’t been, then, it leaves the impression that it’s excusable, when it’s NOT.

  • 7 year old Lamya Cammon has been traumatized. This is a horrible thing to happen to any little girl. It is challenging enough for our little Black girls to have positive experiences, with out this happening.

    The country should be in an outrage. The mother is has a full plate raising her children and really needs normal minded people to advocate on her behalf. It is important that we don’t let the public think that we will accept this behavior as acceptable with our children.

  • jackie

    If it was my daughter i would go up there and beat the shit out of that teacher. No questions asked, If i got arrested and went tojail, oh well. Fuck it!!

  • Layknee

    To violate another persons body without their or their parents consent is assault.

  • WTF indeed! Who is this crazy bitch?! A better question is why on Gods earth is she allowed to teach young children at all? Especially when she’s teaching them that it’s okay to respond to frustration with a total psychotic (albeit illegal) meltdown. As a former grade school teacher, school bus driver and mother of four daughters, honestly, all my rationale would have gone right out the window, because I would have tossed her out that same window! Right after I called my attorney, went to the bank to withdraw bail money and hired a subsequent attorney to file a serious civil suit against that whackjob ‘teacher’, the cowardly principal, and the comatose school department. Yes, I realize that’s a dichotomy, but I’m human too. To all the silly ass posters who say ‘get over it’, I say bullshit! Let the same thing happen to YOUR daughter, YOUR niece, YOUR cousin, YOUR granddaughter, YOUR sister or ANY other female child YOU know and care about and I’ll bet you wont be so blase about the situation. Will you? Hell no! To the mother; you sent your daughter a message that she can’t depend on you to protect her rights, her dignity or her sense of trust against authority figures run amok.