Thank (insert the higher being of your believe here) it’s Friday!

Before I get out of here for weekend, I’ve got a little bit of housekeeping to do.

First, thanks for all of the feedback on the launch of the new site layout. I’m still working out some kinks here and there, but overall I am satisfied with it. I hope you find it easier to read and more aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.

Second, kudos to my girl Janelle and myself for taking our asses to Runyan Canyon for five days in a row (Sunday through Thursday) and hiking. Mosquito bites and all, it was worth it.

Third, if I had a dime for every person that came to my site and called me a racist, I’d be rich. My point is, you can call me a racist until you’re pink in the face, and then you’d be pink in the face and that’s about it. It seems to me that whenever someone Black, who isn’t Brack Obama, discusses race they’re labeled as racist. It’s a quick out for those who aren’t able to intellectually discuss race. Personally, if you think I’m such a racist, go elsewhere. You don’t have to come to this website…ahhh but I know it’s that curiosity that keeps you coming back. That, and the fact that at the end of day, you know I’m right, lol.

And finally, next week is Dinah Shore in Palm Springs, California. Holla at your girl if you’re going to be there. After Dinah Shore, I’ll be hitting the road with stops in Madison, Wisconsin and Spartanburg, South Carolina. If you’re in those cities, check the calendar for all of the info.

Have a great weekend!